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Budget Impact On Metro Projects, Downtown's "Metroport," Green Line, Expo Line, 405 Expansion, LAX, Graffiti & More

405 Freeway Renovation Causes More Traffic: Lanes On Wilshire Boulevard Have Been Closed For Construction, Prolonging Students' Commute
UCLA Daily Bruin

America's Low Gas Prices: A Global Perspective

APTA Awards: 2011 Call For Nominations (deadline is April 22)


Budget Woes Could Stop Transportation Projects In Their Tracks (audio)

KCRW Which Way LA?

Cities Build Airport Cities -- "Aerotropolises" -- For Growth

USA Today

Crenshaw/LAX Line: The Next Great LA Train Battle?

Curbed LA

Developer Still Fighting For Transit Village Project

San Gabriel Valley Tribune

DOT Stimulus Obligations Hit $45.5 Billion: Some Passenger Rail Grants From 2009 Economic Package Still Open
Journal Of Commerce

Even A Guy Who Writes About Road Repair Can Win A Pulitzer
Transportation Nation

Expo Line To Public: Watch Out For That Train

The Failure Of Regionalism
Transport Politic

Freeway Air Pollution May Cause You To Forget That You Read This

Future Stations Of The Past: Downtown's 1968 "Metroport" & Express Service To LAX

Metro Transportation Librar
y Primary Resources Blog

How To Get A Bike Rack Or Corral On Your Street

Southern California Public Radio

It's Not Easy Being Green: Community Opposition, Funding Hamper Expansion For Green Line

StreetsBlog LA

LA Metro Shows Off Its New Expo Light Rail Line

Southern California Public Radio

L.A.'s Expo Line Is Halfway To The Sea: How You Can Make Sure It Gets There (includes several photos of this week's trial runs, station design, employees)

Metro Sets More Subway Advisory Group Meetings: The Beverly Hills Meeting Is Scheduled For April 26 At The Public Library

Beverly Hills Patch

More Economic Output "Ban
g" For Our Investment "Buck" (by Antonio Villaraigosa : "I'm thrilled to provide updates on two infrastructure projects: one at the Port of Los Angeles, and one at Los Angeles International Airport. Combined, these projects will create nearly 50,000 jobs for Los Angeles and billions in economic output.")
Huffington Post

New Construction At LAX Generates Almost 40,000 Local Jobs
(3p. PDF)
Los Angeles World Airports News Release
LAX Airfield And Terminal Construction Projects (47p. PDF)
Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation

Obama: Do We Want To Be Pothole Nation?
Talking Points Memo

Pam O'Connor, Other Elected Officials Tour Expo Line Station: Safety Was Emphasized During Monday Morning Test

Santa Monica Patch

Planning To Avert A Downtown Parking Crutch

Santa Monica Lookout

President Obama Visit Expected To Impact Traffic Near UCLA On April 21

UCLA Newsroom

The Right Price For Parking

San Pedro Bridge Wears Out Welcome

Daily Breeze

State's Financial Crisis Could Cut Off Funding ("The Metropolitan Transportation Authority and other agencies could run out of money to complete the San Fernando Valley's Orange Line bus extension and the 405 Freeway widening project because of the state's budget crisis, officials are warning. The future of those two projects, along with the first phase of building the Expo light-rail line, relies on the sale of state bonds that were approved by voters in 2006.")
Los Angeles Daily News

Tagger Vandalizes Little Tokyo Gold Line Station; Ties To Graffiti Art Exhibit Suspected
Los Angeles Times

Tagging Outside An L.A. Street Art Exhibit Fuels Debate: Authorities Say The Downtown Los Angeles Show Has Spawned A Rash Of Tagging Near The Museum. The Museum Says Such "Anarchic" Work Was Anticipated And Is Being Cleaned Up
Los Angeles Times

These Are Not Just Stamps -- They're 16 Ways To Help The Planet (Public transportation is featured on postage stamps as one way to "go green.")
U.S. Postal Service

A Two-Year Transportation Bill? Some Say It's A Better Deal
StreetsBlog DC

Two Years Better For Transportation
New Republic