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L.A. is GOOD, CicLAvia Film, Port Of L.A., Railroad Environmental Awareness & More

8 Railroad Innovations Promoting Environmental Awareness (photo-essay)
Huffington Post

$100 Million For HUD Sustainability Program Survives In This Year's Budget

StreetsBlog DC

Amtrak Taps Into Rail Fan Base To Boost Security

Wall Street Journal

Changes Coming At Metrolink

Riding In Riverside

CicLAvia 2011: Los Angelenos Take Back The Streets (video : "Freedom, fun, fellowship and community were just some of the answers Rob Adams got when he asked Angelenos from all walks life what CicLAvia meant to them.")


A Community-Visioning Approach To Support The Collaborative Decision-Making Framework For Transportation Investments (webinar : May 25, 2011)

Transportation Research Board

East Hollywood's Neglected Santa Monica Boulevard May Get Some Love

Curbed LA

Fixing A Leaky Roof (Or A Pothole) ("How can infrastructure advocates overcome the political reality that fixing a leaky roof, or a pothole, is just plain boring? Does the public need to weigh in? Or can the discussions be had among just elected officials and the transportation community? Do officials at the federal and state transportation departments need to be more up front about where their allotted transportation money is going if they are to justify the need for more? Do tight budgets help or hurt the conversation?")

National Journal Transportation Blog

The Future Is Bright ("The future looks as clear as the carpool lane for the City of Angels, whether in 10 years or 30. By investing deeply in new transportation options and building on the very stylish historic infrastructure that’s here, Los Angeles could soon return to its former glory. “In the long run, the Metro will reach every part of the county and create an interconnectivity that we never had,” says Zane. “The economic efficiency of that, as well as the environmental benefits, will be extraordinary. We always had the best weather. Now we’ll have the best transportation system and cleaner air. Who can compete with that?”)

Read GOOD Issue 23: The Swollen Beast That Is Los Angeles

How Social Media Fits Into Los Angeles' Crisis Communication Strategy

Emergency Management

LA Plaza Opens Its Doors To LA's Mexican History

Blog Downtown

Lost And Unused Metrocards Add Up To $52 Million A Year In NYC

Transportation Nation

Out Of Disaster, A Burst Of Enthusiasm For Cycling
New York Times

Port Of L.A. Races To Prep For Panama Canal Expansion

USC Annenberg Neon Tommy

Questions About New Starts/Small Starts Program Cuts In The Final FY11 Continuing Resolution
Reconnecting America

"Smarter Traveler" App Manages Traffic Flow

The City Fix

State Legislators Advocate For High-Speed Rail, Caltrain Collaboration

Pacifica Patch

Suburban Commuter Rail: Politically Attractive, Functionally Repulsive
StreetsBlog Network

Test Train Rolls Out For Preview Of New LA Metro Expo Light Rail L
Southern California Public Radio

Vandals Allegedly Do $5,000 Damage To MTA Bus

Daily Breeze

What If You Had 72 Hours To Transform Your City?