2010 Transportation Elections: Trends & Results, What Next For HSR?, Solar Santa Monica Fwy & More

2010 Transportation Ballot Measures: An Examination Of Key Trends And Results
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Amtrak To Pilot Close Call Reporting System
Occupational Health & Safety

Apple Transforms A Subway Station In Chicago (And Wants Everyone To Know It)
("The four-million dollar renovation to the station in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood was funded by the computer giant in conjunction with the construction of a new retail store on a nearby

Bicycle Community Unites Against L.A.'s Bike Plan

Can Intelligent Transportation Systems Be Woven Into The Future Design Of Transport Operations?
New Electronics

Councilwoman Backs New Sign District For Wilshire Grand
Curbed LA

Developers Of Dupont Underground Are Far From The Light At The End Of The Tunnel
(art galleries, restaurant, and wine bar are being considered for 100,000 square feet of the heavily-trafficked D.C. Metro station)
Washington Post
Dupont Underground

The Fiscal Argument For Transportation Reform ("Some information that may come in handy when your governor starts a high-pitched campaign against investing in transit. Or when the House starts debating the transportation bill.")
StreetsBlog Network

Fred Barnes: Americans Mainly Want To Stay In Their Cars
Coercing People Out Of Their Cars: The Road To Hell Is Paved With Bike Paths
The Weekly Standard

Key GOP Lawmaker Cool To High-Speed Rail Grants
Washington Post

Lack Of Transit Funds To Affect County Road Work
Ventura County Star

LAist Editor Zach Behrens To Move To KCET, Co-Editor Lindsay William-Ross To Take Over
KCET Gets $1-Million Ahmanson Grant To Facilitate Planned Exit From PBS
Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles: Before You Board, There's A Quiz (The entrance to and design of the Ellerbe Becket-designed Vermont / Santa Monica Station is analyzed)
Human Transit

Massive Solar Serpent Winds Along The Santa Monica Freeway (Includes illustrations : This design for a serpent-shaped solar skin for the Sana Monica Freeway would also capture the exhaust fumes to make algae fuel on the side of the I-10)

Measure K Winning By Wide Margin ("Measure K would double to nearly $1 billion the total amount of debt the Riverside County Transportation Commission can issue to accelerate construction of area roads.")
North County Times

Message Signs Without Much To Say
Eastsider LA

National Bike Leaders Weigh In On Tumultuous Elections
Bike Portland

New Congress Could Thwart High-Speed Rail Plans
San Jose Mercury News

Our National Archives At Risk: What The Government Accountability Office Found
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Scorecard: What Election 2010 Means For Transportation Around The Nation
Transportation Nation

Target Store To Open In Downtown L.A.: The Retail Giant Will Take Over More Than 100,000 Square Feet In The 7+Fig Mall And Feature A Product Mix That Emphasizes Food And Household Basics
Los Angeles Times

Telematics: Your Guide To The Second Information Superhighway

TIGER Stimulus Grants Benefiting Americans Across The Country

Transit-Friendly Neighbors Removed From Transit-Friendly Neighborhoods? ("New rail stations may be gentrifying neighborhoods to an extent that the people most likely to take advantage of transit services are being pushed out, forced to relocate because of higher prices.")
Next American City

Transportation Bill A Prime Chance For Bipartisan Achievement In A Divided Government
Transportation For America

Transportation Lobbyists Vow They'll "Work With The Winners"
Finance & Commerce

Updating The Bike Plan: Well, How Did I Get Here?
StreetsBlog LA

Vermont Station Expo Line Signage Appears
Curbed LA

A Very Bad Day For Sustainable Transportation And Urban Revitalization
Urban Places And Spaces

Voter Rejection Of Spending, Debt Cloud Transpo's Future
Transportation Nation

What Next For High Speed Rail?
California High Speed Rail Blog

With Oberstar Gone, Who Will Lead The Democrats On T & I Committee?
StreetsBlog DC