Election 2010: What It Means For Transportation, Oberstar Ousted, Electric Taxis, Hopstop vs. Google & More

2010 Transportation Ballot Measure Results (state-by-state breakdown of measures' outcomes : 41 of 55 passed, a 75% success rate)
Center For Transportation Excellence
Trends And Results From 2010 Transportation Ballot Measures (free webinar : Friday, November 5)
Center For Transportation Excellence

8th District Stunner: Oberstar Loses To GOP Newcomer (18-term House Transportation Committee Chair defeated)
Minnesota Public Radio

California Wins A Clean Energy And Climate Trifecta

Cities In Flux: Latino New Urbanism
("Latinos have been transforming U.S. communities for decades. Now their impact on planning and transportation in the country is being more formally acknowledged.")
The City Fix

"Cities" May Not Matter As Much As We Think: Regions And Neighborhoods Are Where Things Actually Happen
Sustainable Cities Collective

Election 2010: The Senate Gets Lots Of New Climate Deniers

Election Results: GOP Govs Win Big, Dems Take California, Oberstar Ousted ("Ohio’s John Boehner — a believer in wider highways — will wield the Speaker’s gavel.")
StreetsBlog DC

For Advocates Of Alternative Transportation, A Difficult Election Day
Transport Politic

High-Speed Rail Is Not Pork As Usual

Humble HopStop vs. The Goliath Google: A Pedestrian Battle Inspired By Springsteen
Fast Company

LA Architect Was Way Ahead Of Chinese On Car Swallowing Bus
Curbed LA
This Machine Swallows Buses While Going 60 MPH And Could Make The City Livable
New York Magazine (full-text article from February 24, 1969)

L.A. County Transit Leads Week In $740 Million Sale
San Francisco Chronicle

Metro And Foursquare: Can Check-Ins Boost Ridership?
Green LA Girl

Metro Offers Tidbits On Elusive Valley To Westside Plan
Curbed LA

New CCTV Technology Senses Aggression From Sound
("Cameras can tell if you're being aggressive or calling for help - and will alert security guards straight away.")

Politics, Friction Reshape Influential Cascade Bicycle Club
(A one-time fringe bicycle activist group in the Pacific Northwest has turned into a major player in mainstream politics)
Seattle Times

Republican Victories Not Good News For Transportation Advocates

Research Roundup: Social Media For Public Transportation, Funding The Needs Of An Aging Population & An Overview Of U.S. Parking Management Strategies
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

San Francisco Will Launch Electric Vehicle Taxi Program

Santa Monica Seeks To Replace Bridge At Landmark Pier: The City Has Applied For Federal Funds To Replace The 60-Year Old Bridge With An $8-Million Span That Would Be Wider, More Pedestrian-Friendly And Better Able To Withstand Earthquakes
Los Angeles Times

Still Putting Some Zip In It (changes to the UCLA Zipcar Alternate Commute Program)
UCLA Be A Green Commuter!

Top 10 Electric Car-Ready Cities (includes Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento)

TSA Plans To Overhaul Security Screening Plans
Los Angeles Times

Welcome To The Urban Revolution
(interview : for author Jeb Brugmann, urbanism is not some grand theory but rather the process by which a community taps into urban advantage to build a district of mutual benefit)
Policy Innovations

Westside Screwed Again On Transit

What A Republican-Controlled House Would Mean For Bicycling
Bike Portland

What Won, Lost: The California Proposition Roundup