Transpo Ballot Measures Around The U.S. Today, Mobility 21, Diverging Diamonds, Fear Of Transit, Congestion Pricing & More

2010 Transportation Ballot Measures
(state-by-state breakdown of measures)
Center For Transportation Excellence
Voters To Decide On 29 Transportation Ballot Measures: More Than $1.8 Billion In Transportation Funding At Stake On November 2 (1p. PDF)
Center For Transportation Excellence Press Release

2nd Avenue Subway Explained To First Graders
New York Times

Algae: Biofuel Of The Future?
The City Fix

Bike-Ped Funding Dips As Stimulus Spending Slows
StreetsBlog DC

California Air Board To Unveil Cap-And-Trade Program For CO2
Sacramento Bee

Cities In Debt Turn To States, Adding Strain
New York Times

Clients Of Pringle Have High-Speed Rail Interests
Voice Of OC

Draft Bike Plan Looks To Move Forward, Problems Still Remain
StreetsBlog LA

eBART Now Under Construction, Extending Rapid Transit Far From San Francisco
Transport Politic

Lawmaker Wants Tighter Ethic Rules For California Bullet Train Authority
Los Angeles Times

Local Money Crucial To Current Road Spending
Riverside Press-Enterprise

The Merits Of The Diverging Diamond Interchange ("A freeway-and-surface-street interchange system that reduces the number of conflict points and, in theory, traffic delays, by having drivers switch to the left-hand side of the road temporarily.")

Metro To Sell Bonds, Front Funds For Foothill Extension Phase 2A
Pasadena Star-News

Mobility 21: Small-Ticket Transportation Solutions Get Lost In The Big-Ticket Hubbub
StreetsBlog LA
Mobility 21: Another View
StreetsBlog LA

Nearly Two-Thirds Of U.S. Travelers Will Use High-Speed Rail: U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood Announces $2.5 Billion Grants For High-Speed Rail
Consumer Travel Survey Questions On High-Speed Rail
(3p. PDF)

"Operation Upcycle" Applies Stimulus To Converting Gas Guzzling School Buses To Clean Energy
PR Web
Operation Upcycle

Opinion: The Westside Subway And Beverly Hills O-O-Oh-No
Los Angeles Times

The Safety Problem (Fear of crime and uncertainty about safety keep many people from using public transit, according to a new study. But how should transit agencies react?)
Next American City
Addressing Fear Of Crime In Public Space: Gender Differences In Reaction To Safety Measures In Train Transit (abstract)
Urban Studies

Second L.A. Council Committee Backs Protection Proposal For Bicyclists
Daily Breeze

Silicon Valley Looks At Pod Cars
Transit Wire

Strategies For Improving The Project Agreement Process Between Highway
Agencies And Railroads
(186p. PDF)
Strategic Highway Research Program

The Survival Of High-Speed Rail Comes Down To [Today]

A Tale Of Two Stadiums: Contrasting World Series Ballparks Showcase Advantages Of Transit-Oriented Development
California Streets

Transit And Transportation At Stake In Several Key Races
Transportation Nation

Transportation And Equality ("The poorest fifth of Americans, spend 42 percent of their annual household budget on an automobile budget, more than twice the national average.")
Think Progress

Wariness About Spending On Transportation And Infrastructure Accompanies Voters To The Polls
Transportation Nation

What Is Congestion Pricing? Is It Fair?