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Transportation Headlines for Wednesday May 12, 2010

Advisory Service Panel For LA's Cleantech Corridor
(May 16-21, 2010 : Panelists will spend 5 days in Los Angeles meeting with stakeholders and touring the subject area. They will interview up to 100 individuals in private interviews. They will spend two days framing recommendations, writing a draft report and preparing a presentation. The final presentation will be made on May 21, 2010 at the Kyoto Grand Hotel)
Urban Land Institute
Clean-Tech Corridor Detailed Map

Ambitious Park 101 Project Proposes Small First Step At Union Station
Blog Downtown

Can Local Buses "Stimulate" Development?
Human Transit

Car-Sharing On Steroids?
Reinventing Urban Transport

Electric Transit Backpack Lets You Fly Through City Streets (Remember the Bulgarian architect who created Kolelinia? He has come up with yet another crazy form of transportation - this time it’s a backpack harness system with a network of wires strung all over the city)
Flying Bicycle Lane Lets You Soar Above Traffic (a look back at Kolelinia)

Exploring The Science Behind Traffic Lights
Boston Globe

First Lady's Childhood Obesity Task Force Calls For Transportation Plan
StreetsBlog DC

Hail-A-Taxi Program Likely To Go Permanent, Possibly Citywide

High-Speed Rail Lobbying Campaign Revives The "$4B" Rallying Cry
StreetsBlog DC

The New "Cool" For Eastside Kids? (surge in bicycling on L.A.'s Eastside)
LA Eastside

New Parking Meters Mean Demand-Based Pricing Is On The Way

Not A Sidewalk To Walk On Or A Leg To Stand On

Park 101's Freeway Lid For A Walkable Downtown Los Angeles
StreetsBlog LA

SCAG To ARB: 7-9% GHG Reduction Possible
California Planning & Development Report

Senate Climate Bill To Feature Transport Carbon Cap - But Not Trading
StreetsBlog DC

Union Pacific Vows To Fight High-Speed Rail
Mass Transit

U.S. DOT Allocates $527 Million To Support Partnership For Sustainable Communities In FY11
Smart Growth Online

Who Will Intervene With The Legislature And Media?
California High Speed Rail Blog

Your LA To Vegas Party Train Will Start Rolling Next Year
Curbed LA