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Transportation Headines for Thursday, May 13, 2010

2 Reports Forecast Jump In Port Shipments
Long Beach Press-Telegram

Are Free And Low Cost Transfers The Key To Fixing Metro's Operations Mess?
StreetsBlog LA

Blue Skies Forecast For L.A. Trade
LA Weekly

Can Local Buses "Stimulate" Development?
Human Transit

China Is Pulling Ahead In Worldwide Race For High-Speed Rail Transportation
Washington Post

Could High Speed Rail Stall Completely In The U.S.?

County Invites Community To Give Input On Bicycle Master Plan

Cul-De-Sac Hell And The Radius Of Demand
Human Transit

Drivers, Bicyclists Clash On Road Sharing

Here Comes The Neighborhood ("In cities and suburbs alike, walkable neighborhoods linked by train are the future. Here’s how a new network of privately funded rail lines can make that future come to pass more quickly and cheaply—and help reinvigorate housing and the economy.")

In The Age Of Electric Cars, Who Pays For Highways?

Japan Laying Down Track To Market High-Speed Rail In U.S.
Manichi Daily News

Lawmakers Demand California High-Speed Rail Authority Fix Oversight, Funding Problems
Mass Transit

NBC Opens Its Doors For "Community Meeting" On NoHo Development
StreetsBlog LA

Paris' Plan To Kick Cars Off Its Riverbanks

Proposal Would Park A Park On Top Of Downtown L.A. Freeway
(Officials say it's a promising approach, but "not a project" yet)
Los Angeles Times

Senate Climate Bill Would Send $6B-Plus To Cleaner Transportation
StreetsBlog DC

State DOT Official, Rail Exec Talk High-Speed Rail Infighting, Bureaucracy
StreetsBlog DC

Villaraigosa In D.C. To Lobby For Federal Help On Mass Transit Projects
Los Angeles Times

When The Media Gets It Right - By Riding The Shinkansen
California High Speed Rail Blog