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Transportation Headlines for Tuesday May 11, 2010

Art Of The MetroCard, Unlimited
New York Times

Better Meters, Increased Cost Comes To The Downtown, Backlash Begins
StreetsBlog LA

City Planners Track Cyclists, Pedestrians To Measure Trail Needs
("According to the most recent U.S. Census figures, the number of adults who bicycled to work in 2008 was 786,098, up 26% from 2006. Mindful of that growth, transportation planners in states and municipalities across the USA are increasingly deploying high-tech sensors along bicycle and pedestrian paths to map trail, sidewalk and bike-lane use and assess future needs.")
USA Today

Colton Crossing Project Gets Help ("A $202 million railroad grade separation project is now closer than ever to becoming reality after it earned tentative support from the final holdout members of a regional transportation group.")
Contra Costa Times

The Costs Of Low Transit Fares
Santa Monica Lookout

Dubai Metro's Punctuality Exceeds That Of All Rivals
(Dubai moves 80,000 people a day in the first 6 months of rail service with over 99% on-time performance)
Gulf News

EU Steers Its Way Towards Intelligent Transport Systems
EU Business

Fare Increase Won't Fix Public Transit: Transit Agencies Should Work Harder To Attract New Riders Rather Than Further Squeezing The Ones They Have
Los Angeles Times

Fate Of Trolleybuses Hangs In Balance (King County Metro Transit's fleet of 159 electric trolleybuses needs to be replaced soon, but what they should be replaced with is up for debate)
Seattle Times
Seattle: The End Of Trolleybuses?
Human Transit

The First Step Is Admitting You Have A Problem
("Curt Pringle, in his capacity as chairman of California's High Speed Rail Authority, sat down last week with two of the state's most influential legislators on transportation issues and went through what can be best described as an intervention.")
Voice Of OC

Hidden In The Tax Code, A Potential Surplus Of Transportation Funds
Next American City

High-Speed Rail Exec's Fast Track To Premium Pay
San Francisco Chronicle

High-Speed Rail May Stall Without More Push From The White House
Progressive Fix

How Geeks Get Us Around Town: Transit-App Developers Are Proving Orwell Wrong
Wall Street Journal

IBM And Texas Transportation Institute To Collaborate On Intelligent Transportation Systems
Texas Transportation Institute
IBM Smarter Transportation Website

Keeping Up With Public Transportation Research From TRB: Finding Publications, Conferences, Hearings, And RSS Feeds
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

MassDOT Developers: NYC MTA Says "Beat Boston!"
Commonwealth Conversations: Massachusetts DOT Blog

Metro "Leaks" The Date For CicLAvia
StreetsBlog LA

My Favorite Transit Apps
Information Week

OCTA Lowers Fines For Toll Violators
Orange County Register

Smart Phones + Shared Cars = Better Urban Living
New Urban News

Speeding Up Transportation Reformation
UCLA Daily Bruin

The State Of Metropolitan America ("A new seven-category typology of metropolitan America: next frontier, new heartland, diverse giant, border growth, mid-sized magnet, skilled anchors, industrial cores.")
Brookings Institution
Executive Summary (4p. PDF)
Full-Text Report, Part 1 (77p. PDF)
Full-Text Report, Part 2 (95p. PDF)

Train Plans Sound Familiar? One Side Says Too Similar
Las Vegas Sun

Wave Goodbye To W And V In Subway Signs; Make Room For More M (Disappearing trains and redrawn routes will render thousands of existing signs and maps throughout New York's transit system obsolete, a hidden cost of drastic service cuts. 3,000 signs and 25,000 maps must be switched out in a two-week period.)
New York Times

White House Proposes Lowering Barriers To Rail, Airline Unionizing
StreetsBlog DC