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Subway Wraps, Orange Line Light Rail?, Park 101, World's Worst Commutes, Weight Loss Via Transit & More

Cities With The World's Worst Commutes
(Los Angeles? Worst in the nation, with 43% saying they believe traffic has gotten worse in the last three years, but doesn't fare too poorly when compared internationally. Moscow? Don't ask.)
Huffington Post
IBM Global Commuter Pain Study Reveals Traffic Crisis In Key International Cities

High Speed Rail Supporters State Their Case At Union Station And Beyond
StreetsBlog LA

HUD Chief Preaches Livable Communities At Conference On Cities
StreetsBlog Network

Irvine Co. Gives 20,000 Acres Of Open Space To Orange County (The parcel is five times the size of Griffith Park and doubles O.C. parklands overnight)
Los Angeles Times

Judge Throws Out Challenge To Metrolink Cameras That Monitor Engineers
Los Angeles Times

L.A. Council Approves Truck-Driving Academy Atop Old Lopez Canyon Landfill
Los Angeles Times

L.A. Planning Director Goldberg Announces Retirement
California Planning & Development Report

L.A. School District Purchase CNG Buses
Fleet Owner

Meet Alhambra Gateway, San Gabriel Valley's Arc De Triomphe
Curbed LA

MTA To Raise Fares 6%: A One-Way Ticket Will Rise To $1.50 And A Daily Pass Will Increase To $6. Fares Will Remain The Same For Students, The Disabled, Medicare Recipients And People 62 Or Over
Los Angeles Times

Next Steps... (StreetsBlog LA to cease publication July 23)
StreetsBlog LA

Now, Anyone Can Monitor Reliability
Human Transit

Officials To Mull Rail Station In Valley: California's Planned 800-Mile High-Speed Rail System Will Include One Station In The Valley Along The Statewide Route
Glendale News Press

Park 101 Pseudo-Update: Latest Rendering Reveal
Curbed LA

Riders Who Take Mass Transit Regularly May Lose Weight
National Public Radio
The Effect Of Light Rail Transit On Body Mass Index And Physical Activity (8p. PDF)
American Journal Of Preventive Medicine

SoCal Seeks High Line West: Port City Of Wilmington [Is] Completing Its Own Elevated Park, A Buffer Between Loading Docks And Domiciles
Architect's Newspaper

Subway Wraps: Innovative Transit Revenue Streams (Not Sandwiches)...
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Terrafugia Transition "Flying Car" Gets Go-Ahead From US Air Authorities
(light aircraft can convert into a road-legal automobile and will go into production after being given a special weight exemption by the FAA)
Telegraph (London)

What About Upgrading The Orange Line To Light Rail?
Ride The Pink Line

Wonktime: The Great Los Angeles Parking Debate
LA Weekly