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Venice Rapid, Lessons For CicLAvia, Yellow Lights, Metrolink Cuts, Eliminating Parking & More

Airport Connector Back On Track: After Feds Pull $70 Million, BART Makes Local Stops For Funds
Bay Citizen

Barcelona's Metro Continues Its Expansion At A Relatively Cheap Price
Transport Politic

Could The Gulf Disaster Be A Good Excuse To Beef Up The Region's Infrastructure?

D.C. Tests New Parking Technology To Help Drivers Find Space, Pay More Easily
Washington Post

A High-Speed Zip Across Europe By Train
Los Angeles Times

Is The Problem Auto-Dependency Or Suburbia?
Seattle Transit Blog

Lessons From Mexico City: Ciclovia
StreetsBlog LA

Metrolink Schedule Changes Confuse Commuters: Reduction Of Routes Leaves Some Riders Scrambling
Ventura County Star

Opinion: Where To Ride Those Bikes? Denver's Public Bike-Sharing Program Is A Great Success, But It Highlights The Need For a More Complete Network Of Bike Lanes
Denver Post

Proposal For Digital License Plates Faces A Major Hurdle: Gov. Schwarzenegger
Los Angeles Times

Some Good News for Bus Riders, Rapid Buses Come To Venice Blvd.
StreetsBlog LA

Tech Saves The World: New Software Makes Existing Trains Go Faster

There's No Such Thing As Free Parking: How Eliminating Parking Spaces Could Make Cities More Nimble And Efficient

Traffic Study Sees Shades Of Gray In Yellow Lights
Washington Post

Where Have All The Freeway Sweepers Gone?

Why Is Transit In Such A Fiscal Hole?
Transportation Nation