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HSR Profitability Questioned, Beverly Hills Tunneling, Avoiding Congestion Pricing, "Safety Train" & More

Beverly Hills Community Opposition Building Against Westside Subway

Bus Fares Increase As Los Angeles Metro Executives Get Huge Salaries
LA Weekly

Bus Cuts Drive Americans Back To Cars
Guardian (London)

California High-Speed Rail Ridership Forecast Not Reliable, Study Finds
UC Berkeley News
Review Of "Bay Area/California High-Speed Rail Ridership And Revenue Forecasting Study" (59p. PDF)
UC Berkeley Institute Of Transportation Studies

Drivers Try To Avoid Higher Tolls On Bay Bridge
(Traffic patterns are changing as commuters try to avoid congestion pricing hours in place before 10a.m.)
San Francisco Chronicle

High-Speed Rail Project's Prospects Called Unpredictable: A UC Berkeley Report Says The Ridership Forecasts Are So Unreliable That It Can't Be Determined Whether The Train Would Be Profitable Or Run In The Red
Los Angeles Times

Kids Safer On The Subway (A recent study shows that traffic fatality rates are lower for children in areas where public transit is widely used)
The City Fix

L.A. Losing Millions In Uncollected Parking Tickets And Fines: An Audit By City Controller Wendy Greuel For Fiscal Year 2008-09 Showed That Only 53% Of Some $533 Million In City Billings Was Collected, Resulting In A Loss Of $260 Million Annually
Los Angeles Times

Let's Hear It For L.A.

Metro Debuts New Rapid Service Between Downtown And Santa Monica

Metro Meets Some Community Opposition: Residents Speak Out Against Tunneling Under Neighborhood Homes
Beverly Hills Patch

Metrolink Fares And 91 Express Lanes Tolls Increase
Orange County Register

Our Cities, Ourselves: Ten Architects Re-Imagine Urban Transport In 2030
The City Fix
Bicycles As Transport: From Alternative To Mainstream

Park 101 Costs And Next Steps Outlined By Study
(Includes new conceptual sketches and plans. "The five phases of the project to cap the 101 freeway through Downtown with park space would cost $387 million, but would generate $408 million in private investment.")
Blog Downtown

Park Powers Forward: Green Component Of Grand Avenue Plan, Including A Dog Park, To Have Groundbreaking Ceremony July 15
Los Angeles Downtown News

Ride Report: Metro Rapid Line 733
MetroRider LA

"Safety Train" Ride Shows Danger To Pedestrians
San Francisco Chronicle

Santa Monica Announces Sharrows, New Bike Lane And More

Telling The Story Of Chicago, One Train Stop At A Time
StreetsBlog Network

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood Is Charging Ahead In His Political Career
("Few expected this Republican in the Obama cabinet to cause such a stir. Yet, from his high speed rail advocacy to campaigning for road safety ("just say no to texting") to pushing livable communities, 64-year-old Ray LaHood has changed D.O.T.")
Washington Post

US House Panel Approves $67.4 Billion Transportation Bill
Dow Jones Newswires

What Does the Berkeley ITS Ridership Report Actually Say?
California High Speed Rail Blog

Who Is The Most Interesting Person You Have Met On Public Transportation?

Youths Welcome Subway In Beverly Hills: Metro's Proposed "Direct Connection" Subway Plans Give Local Teens A Chance To Get Out Of Town
Beverly Hills Patch