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Transportation Headlines for Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Can Traffic Improve Along 5 Miles Of La Cienega Boulevard?
La Cienega Boulevard Study
La Cienega Boulevard Corridor Improvement Project Existing Conditions (116p. PDF)
La Cienega Boulevard Corridor Improvement Project Community Input Meetings (19p. PDF)

City To Unveil Parking Meters That Take Credit Cards
Los Angeles Daily News

Coming Soon: Robots Parking Cars In West Hollywood, Calif.
Government Technology

Court Battle In WA: Do "Highway Purposes" Include Rail Lines?
("If a state gas tax is dedicated to “highway purposes,” can you build light rail on Interstate lanes presumably funded with said tax?")
Highways A La Mode
New Republic

Expectations For High-Speed Rail Coming Down To Earth
StreetsBlog DC

Federal Move Toward Sustainable Transportation And Other Infrastructure Matched By Public Demand And Industry Efforts
Smart Growth Online
America THINKS 2010 Sustainability Survey (fact sheet with results : 2p. PDF)

Gary Lauder's New Traffic Sign: Take Turns
(video : 4:27 : Fifty percent of traffic accidents happen at intersections. A new traffic sign combines the properties of "Stop" and "Yield" -- and asks drivers to be polite)

Government To Spend $775 Million To Upgrade Nonexistent Buses

High-Speed Rail Is Great, But What About Freight?
Supply Chain Brain

High-Tech Transportation For A Growing Nation: A Look Under The Hood At China's High-Speed Rail Investment ("Stepping off the rail platform, it was hard not to get the feeling that China is racing ahead in investing in mass public transit infrastructure while the United States is lagging behind in the race to develop clean energy industries.")
Center For American Progress

The Key To Transportation Research: Harnessing The Wealth Of Information In The TRB Databases
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Lobbying For HSR Funding On Capitol Hill
California High Speed Rail Blog

New Analysis: 59% Of Road Stimulus Went To Repair, 33% To New Capacity
StreetsBlog DC

Obama Rail Chief Feels No Need For Speed
Progressive Fix

Riverwalk Progressing: Project That's Been Discussed For Years Is Nearing Construction
Glendale News Press

Roads Are In The Transportation Business
The Economist

UCLA Start Team Update (Student Transportation Action Research Team)
UCLA Be A Green Commuter!

Villaraigosa Picks Former Paramount Executive To Lead Redevelopment Agency
Los Angeles Times