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Transportation Headlines for Friday, May 7, 2010

Arcadia Draft Plan Adds Residential Component To Downtown, Live Oak ("The future Gold Line rail station could become the new heart of an active downtown under a proposed general plan update.")
Pasadena Star-News

BBB Fare Increase Shelved Once More
Santa Monica Daily Press

Bikes Belong Supports CicLAvia!

California Can Use $2 Billion In Local Money To Balance Budget, Judge Says
Sacramento Bee

Can Americans' Car Dependence Be Changed? A Q&A With The Author Of "Carjacked"

Does "Sustainable Transportation" Mean Better Cars Or Fewer Cars?

Editorial: Rail Gains?
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Eyes On The Street: DIY Parking Spaces
StreetsBlog LA

The Fine Art Of Balancing A Street's Ecosystem
StreetsBlog LA

Filling In Map Gaps With Waze Games
New York Times

Firm Selected For Study Of Route 66 In California
(The California Preservation Foundation wishes to assemble existing studies and do new research to produce the first definitive document on the storied highway's history from its early days until it was de-certified in the 1980s.)
Los Angeles Times

Freeway Projects Receive Funding, Local Congestion Expected ("Dubbed the “West County Connector Project”, the construction will connect and enlarge the carpool lanes from I405, I605, and the 22 freeways.")
OC180 News

The Future Of U.S. Transit Operations Funding
Human Transit

Help In Shaving Minutes Off Your Underground Commute
New York Times

How Is Transit-Guide HopStop Profitable In A Fight With Google Maps? (video)
San Francisco Chronicle

How Mass Transit Integrates With Foursquare

The Implementation Of Visions For Regional Economic And Environmental Sustainability: The Fourth Annual Leonard Transportation Center Forum
(May 14, 2010 : Cal State San Bernardino)
Leonard Transportation Center Forum

Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc. "X" Train Acquires First Passenger Train Railcar Set

Los Angeles County Economic Forecast: 2010-2014
(47p. PDF)
Beacon Economics

Low-Speed Train Proposals Clash: Group Says "Brand X" Stole Its Idea For L.A.-To-Vegas Plan
Las Vegas Sun

Megacities Of The World: A Glimpse Of How We'll Live Tomorrow ("By 2050, 7 out of 10 people will live in megacities, offering the benefits of concentrated living but also some of the biggest public-works challenges in human history.")
Christian Science Monitor

New Chief Chosen For High-Speed Rail Project ("Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is expected to approve the choice of Roelof van Ark, but some question his ties to the industry.")
Los Angeles Times

Periodic Table Of City Planning Elements
Stephens Planning via Planetizen

Rethinking The Way We TAP
Plus Metro

Thinking Outside Rails And Runways, And Taking The Bus
(Rise in popularity of U.S. interurban bus lines, especially for business travelers)
New York Times

Training Day: GOP Tries To Kill Rail Resolution
(Conservative Republicans nearly derailed the non-binding National Train Day tribute Wednesday because they objected to passages praising Amtrak)

Want To Prevent Oil Spill Disasters? Stop Driving

When Is A Fare Fair? Bus Riders Union Complains About Pending MTA Fare Hikes
Pasadena Weekly