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Transportation Headlines for Thursday, May 6, 2010

50 Years Ago This Week: The Launch Of Freeway Flyer Service
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

The $775 Million For Bus Repair: The DOT Responds

Advocates For Los Angeles Clean Truck Program Tout Success At Congressional Highways & Transit Hearing
PR Newswire

As Congestion Mounts, Transit Agencies Consider Varying Pricing
Transport Politic

El Sereno Bridge Opens
Curbed LA

Estimating Soft Costs For Major Public Transportation Fixed Guideway Projects
(144p. PDF : "an important resource that addresses the costs for professional services for major transit investments. The Guidebook is a resource intended for project managers and cost estimators working for transit agencies or other organizations in the early phases of planning a major fixed guideway public transportation project. It defines and describes soft costs and provides a new methodology to estimate soft costs based on historical projects.")
Transit Cooperative Research Program Report

Fact Check: How Much Can Your Vehicle Stick Into A Red Zone?

Form Based Codes Reach Critical Mass
New Urban News

Growing America: Demographics And Destiny
("With America expected to grow by 100 million people in the next 40 years, how will states and localities run a bigger, more diverse country?")

Highway Bill Delay Seen Stretching Into 2011
Journal Of Commerce

Hollywood Charged Up For E-Bikes
StreetsBlog LA

Intelligent Technologies Promise Greater Road Safety
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

L.A.'s New High-Tech "Coin & Card" Parking Meters Debut

Marking Americans' Love Affair With The Rails: Events Commemorate National Train Day On May 8

Nationwide Reports Identify Transportation Policy As Essential To Improving Health
Transportation For America
Centers For Disease Control And Prevention Transportation Recommendations
Transportation, Land Use, And Community Design
National Physical Activity Plan

New California High-Speed Rail Chief Likely To Be Named Thursday
Los Angeles Times

Riding Public Transit Saves Individuals $9,453 Annually (AAA reports higher fuel prices leading factor in 4.8% increase to own and operate a vehicle in 2010)

Should Fares Be Higher During Peak Hours?
Human Transit

Steps To Tear Down Sunset Boulevard Bridge Over 405 Freeway Begin Friday

Streetcars Could Be Free In Parts Of D.C.

Texas To Be U.S. Transportation Testing Ground
("Texas is about to become IBM's test subject for a series of telematics transportation technologies with the blessing the U.S. Department of Transportation.")

TOD In LA Often Means "Transit Oriented Districts"
StreetsBlog LA

Urban Parks Take Over Downtown Freeways
USA Today