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Transportation Headlines for Thursday May 1, 2008

5 Best Mass Transit Systems in the World
Environmental Graffiti

Amtrak to restore full Coast Starlight service
Los Angeles Times

Australian Sustainable Cities Expert Speaks at Metro

Calderon backs East L.A. cityhood
Los Angeles Wave

Clinton Gas-Tax Proposal Criticized
Economists Share Obama's View
Washington Post

Exxon Mobil profit up 17 %, Wall Street expected more,0,3864196.story
Los Angeles Times

Facebook – Metro Westside Extension

Fix Expo: We’re Going to Court

Focus on contracts at Los Angeles International Airport intensifies - Janice Hahn asks the City Council to review and take jurisdiction of one. Controller Laura Chick's office will probe another,1,6910047.story
Los Angeles Times

Foothill Transit Shows Off Its Graphic Design Chops

High traffic, high toll - Could congestion pricing take hold in Los Angeles similar to the way it has in London? What areas here could be targeted for congestion pricing? Peter Gordon and Bart Reed debate,0,2429807.story
Los Angeles Times

Invest Now In Trade Corridors or Remain Stuck In Congested Traffic Says SCLC
dBusiness News

Judge to decide L.A.'s Olympic-Pico traffic plan - Ruling on the city's need for an environmental review is expected this week. Merchant and homeowner groups have sought the restriction,1,6354677.story
Los Angeles Times

L.A. to cyclists: 'Do it yourself'
Los Angeles Times/Emerald City Blog

Lawmakers being forced to give up gas-guzzling cars - A little-noticed amendment to last year's energy bill requires House members who lease vehicles to select those that emit low levels of greenhouse gases,1,6694016.story
Los Angeles Times

South LA Citizens Sue Metro
Curbed LA

State's drivers reduce gas use
Sacramento Bee

Streetfilms: A Rush Hour Conversation with Deborah Murphy

Tijuana terminal tango - Cross-border airport link a possibility
San Diego City Beat

Transportation In Trouble$nocookies$/article.html?id=200804291PPIT9QN
The Bond Buyer

Will Drivers Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Bus?
Freakonomics/New York Times