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Transportation Headlines for Wednesday April 30, 2008

Analysis: Governor's deficit estimate rises to $20 billion
Sacramento Bee

Announcing LA’s Bike Wiki

Candidates' plans to cut gas prices - Clinton's and McCain's plans for a summer gas-tax suspension won't solve anything,0,399014.story
Los Angeles Times

Ending inequality in the car-pool lane
Daily Breeze

Groups decry lack of input on port plan - L.A.: TraPac terminal expansion report set to be released today
Daily Breeze

Jeff Kenworthy To Talk About Urban Rail At Metro (Today)

Just another tax - Readers respond to MTA plan to turn car-pool lanes into toll lanes on 210 and 10 freeways
Pasadena Star News

Rail clean-air plan - The best way to replace dirty diesels is to build these two projects (Furutani Bill)
Daily Breeze

Still waiting for that subway - Are we ever getting a 'subway to the sea'? Why does it seem insurmountably difficult to build a decent rail network for Los Angeles? Bart Reed and Peter Gordon debate.,0,5968767.story
Los Angeles Times

Taking the 'free' out of freeway - Congestion pricing more accurately reflects the cost of commuting,0,6611499.story
Los Angeles Times

Thefts of copper, brass and other metals hit Inland Empire freeways
Thieves disguise themselves as Caltrans workers. CHP asks the public for help,1,2199437.story
Los Angeles Times

Traffic Money for N.Y. May Benefit Other Cities
New York Times

U.S. airlines flock to foreign repair shops,0,251843.story
Los Angeles Times

Valley sitting on prime resource for job creation - Economist: Land values put area in position to cash in on SoCal's growing cargo distribution network
Desert Sun

Welcome to the Fast Lane
U.C. Berkeley Institute of Transportation Studies Library

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