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Transportation Headlines for Saturday May 3, 2008

Boxer Statement: Highway Corrections Bill Will Unleash $1 Billion, Create Tens of Thousands of Jobs
Media Newswire

Federal Complete Streets Legislation Gains Momentum

Gas prices level off in California -- for now
Sacramento Bee

Heated anti-HOT lane arguments don't add up
Los Angeles Times/Emerald City

Highway toll lanes: the way to go - They're proven congestion busters, not an experiment,0,4303551.story
Los Angeles Times

How Much Would You Actually Save With a Gas Tax “Holiday”?

L.A.'s long-term commute - Where does the future of L.A. transportation lie -- light rail, subway, more freeways, smart growth, toll roads or something else? Peter Gordon and Bart Reed debate,0,4291099.story
Los Angeles Times

Metrolink receives $9 million California security grant
Progressive Railroading

Metro Westside Extension

Pittsburgh surpasses Los Angeles as nation's sootiest city
Associated Press

Proposed gas tax hiatus not good news to Inland transportation officials
Press Enteprise

Public meetings for the Subway to the Sea (and other anti-gridlock ideas for the Westside)
Los Angeles Times

Reversal on federal policy ensures transportation projects stay on track
Press Enterprise

Schwarzenegger's Jet Commute May End as Santa Monica Seeks Ban

Schwarzenegger's quest for revenues taxes consumers and their patience,0,418412.story
Los Angeles Times

Tale of two congested mega-cities
Sydney Morning Herald

Tesla opens first dealership in Los Angeles

Transportation workers' security card signups extended
Daily Breeze

UC Riverside to host conference on stricter air quality standards for Southern California

Warren Olney/Which Way L.A? Do California’s Freeways have a Future? With Director Richard Katz and Professor Brian Taylor
KCRW 89.9