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Ambitious Transit Plan Needed For Twin Cities ("Instead of two separate worlds -- one of roads, bridges and vehicles, and another of buses, light rail and other mass transit --planners want to create an integrated system that makes it easier for people and goods to move around using different kinds of transportation.")
Minnesota Public Radio

Broadway To Become A Whole Lot Brighter With Grants For New Facade Lighting
Blog Downtown

CA4HSR Calls For Using Cap And Trade Revenues For HSR
California High Speed Rail Blog

Eleven Things To Look For In The Passenger Rail Reauthorization
StreetsBlog DC

Environmental Group To Appeal Planned Rail Yard Near Port Of L.A. ("The Natural Resources Defense Council says the cargo complex would be near schools and residents who already breathe some of the foulest air in the region.")
Los Angeles Times

Irvine Shuttle Expansion Is A No-Go
Orange County Register

Lawmakers Question "Risky" $5.5B Loan For High-Speed Vegas Train Amid Sequester Cutbacks
Fox News

The Limits Of Bus Rapid Transit: A Cape Town Case Study
The Atlantic: Cities

Mixed-Use Neighborhoods May Be Safer, Too
The Atlantic: Cities
Reducing Crime By Shaping The Built Environment With Zoning: An Empirical Study Of Los Angeles (58p. PDF)
University Of Pennsylvania Law Review

New Trends Mean Fewer International Flights At LAX In Next Five To 10 Years
Los Angeles Daily News

Opinion: 10 Reasons To Salute L.A.'s Promising Transportation Future ("Los Angeles is often criticized for being a transportation nightmare, but there are many reasons to be optimistic. The city is leading the way with creative and thoughtful developments and initiatives that will probably be replicated in car-centric cities around the world as they shift toward more sustainable and equitable futures. Here are 10 indicators that prove Los Angeles is on the right track in reinventing itself as a transit-rich city.")
Los Angeles Times

Planned Freeway Expansion Hinges On Money
The Acorn

Private Contractors May Not Be The Answer To Public Transportation Cuts
Transportation Nation

The Problem With Entertainment Districts
StreetsBlog Network

Providence Is Top City In Contest Of Ideas ("Santa Monica will get its $1 million to carry out its Wellbeing Project. An index will look at economic vitality, education, social relationships, health and environmental indicators to create a single view on the well-being of residents of the beachside city.")
New York Times

A Public Transit Pope: Francis Rode Buses Instead Of Limos Through Buenos Aires
The Atlantic: Cities
New Pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Rode The Bus Because He Gave Up His Limo
Washington Post
The New Pope Rides Public Transit, So Will He Ditch These Old Popemobiles? (Photos)
Transportation Nation

Santa Monica: Defining Sustainability
StreetsBlog LA

Scion: Using Bikes To Sell Cars (To Sell Bikes?)

Senate Restores MAP-21 Funding Through 2013
StreetsBlog DC

State Of The Commute: Transportation Statistics, January-December 2012 (10p. PDF : "In 2012, UCLA’s drive-alone rate was 53.4% for employees, much lower than Los Angeles County as a whole, where nearly 72% of all commuters drive alone to work according to 2010 U.S. Census data. The drive-alone rate for UCLA’s commuting students is even lower at just over 26%. These rates continue to decline as both alternative modes use and membership in the Bruin Commuter Club grows.")

Three Groups Ask LA City Council To Reject Railyard Project Near The Ports
KPCC Southern California Public Radio

Transit Ridership Falls Since 2008 ("The lies begin right in the headline of the American Public Transportation Association’s annual press release patting the industry on the back for carrying heavily subsidized riders last year.")
Cato Institute

Which Transit Agencies Added, Lost Riders Last Year? ("Passengers made nearly 22 million additional light rail trips last year, led by noticeable gains for the Los Angeles County Metro Transportation Authority, Dallas Area Rapid Transit and Utah Transit Authority systems.")

Who Took The First Photo Of Los Angeles? (Is this photograph, taken between 1858 and 1862, the oldest known image of the City of Angels?)
LA As Subject via KCET

Will An Upcoming Tax Reform Finally Be The Place To Hike The Gas Tax?
StreetsBlog DC

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