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March 15: This Date In Los Angeles Transportation History (FlyAway airport shuttle service is launched between Union Station and LAX)
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

2012 One For The Record Books: Safety Up On America's Rails
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

Census: Riverside County Growing Steadily
Desert Sun

City's Bundy Drive Bike Lane Proposal Opposed By Brentwood Residents
Brentwood Patch

Editorial: Ventura County Is Riding The Rails And Enjoying It ("In Ventura County...ridership on Amtrak increased 52 percent from 1997 to last year, due in part to the public perception that taking the train is a nice alternative to driving on Southern California’s often-frustrating freeways.")
Ventura County Star

Hearing Highlights Importance Of Implementing MAP-21 Reforms
U.S. House Committee On Transportation And Infrastructure

High-Speed Rail Targeted For Derail
San Diego Union-Tribune

Homelessness And Traffic Top Santa Monicans' Concerns, Survey Says
Santa Monica Lookout

If Only All Subway Sandwich Stops Were Actual Subway Stations (fantasy map)
The Atlantic: Cities

Immigration Offsets Resident Flight From Southern California, Census Data Show
Los Angeles Daily News

Is There A Link Between Walkability And Local School Performance?
The Atlantic: Cities

Is This A Good Way To Reinvent The Recumbent Bicycle?
The Atlantic: Cities

Long Beach Port Sees Sharp Increase In Cargo
Long Beach Press-Telegram

Long Beach Transit To Celebrate 50 Years Of Service
Long Beach Press-Telegram

Mapping The Growth Of OpenStreetMap
The Atlantic: Cities

MARTA Privatization Could Affect As Many As 800 Jobs
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Mass Transit Use Isn't Up Everywhere ("There's a close connection between metro areas that declined to pass funding measures tied specifically to transit last year and ridership declines.")
The Atlantic: Cities

Models For Culture Change In Bike Advocacy
Urban Adonia

Obama's Energy Visit Involves Oil Policy Jujitsu
Washington Post

On L.A.'s Crowded Streets, It's A Smoother Kind Of Slow ("The city's high-tech tools help keep cars moving. Studies show travel times have dropped. Tell that to drivers.")
Los Angeles Times

Practical Highway Design Solutions (106p. PDF)
National Cooperative Highway Research Program

Rail Traffic Confirms That The Economy Is Humming Along
Business Insider

Sweeping Intersection (A look back at a spectacular aerial photograph of the I-10/110 interchange)
Los Angeles Times

A Westside Regional Transit Center We Can Be For

What's Missing From The Earliest-Known Drawing Of Los Angeles?
LA As Subject via KCET

Which Major Cities Are Leaders In Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

Why Gas Taxes Are Coming Back Into Fashion
Fox Business

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