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123 Miles Of Bike Lanes Installed Since The Adoption Of The 2010 Bike Plan
LADOT Bike Blog

AAA Still Up To Its Old Tricks Fighting Progressive Transport Policy
StreetsBlog DC
AAA Warns Of "Dangerous" Free Market In Parking Spaces

Amtrak President Asks For More Federal Funds
Philadelphia Inquirer

Bike Summit: With A Seat At The Table, Cyclists Need To Master The Etiquette
StreetsBlog DC

Celebrate 50 Years Of Bus Travel In Long Beach ("Long Beach Transit will hold a free customer appreciation event to celebrate their 50th anniversary.")
Everything Long Beach

City Council Commits To 30 Years Of Funding DTLA Streetcar
Blog Downtown

Code Enforcement Goes High Tech
The Atlantic: Cities

Council OKs Up To $352 Million For Downtown Streetcar
Los Angeles Times

Critics Warn Of Increased Pollution If Rail Yard Built Near Port Of LA
CBS Los Angeles

Critiquing The "Urban Mobility Report" ("The Urban Mobility Report is biased in various ways that exaggerate congestion costs and roadway expansion benefits. It ignores basic research principles: it provides no literature review, it fails to explain key assumptions, it inadequately cites sources, and incorporates no external peer review. It ignores recent research concerning factors that affect traffic congestion. Yet, few practitioners, decision-makers or journalists who use UMR results seem aware of these problems.")

The Downtown Streetcar Loop Is Officially A Go ("The Downtown streetcar is getting its finances all lined up: the City Council approved an operational plan today that commits up to $352 million of Measure R transportation tax money over 30 years to cover the operation and maintenance of the system.")
Curbed LA

Federal Transit Administration, Federal Emergency Management Agency Sign Agreement Outlining Roles For Addressing Public Transit Needs Following Hurricane Sandy, Future Major Disaster
U.S. DOT Press Release

Fifth Time A Charm At 2013 National Bike Summit
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

LA Doing Better Than Average On Carpooling, Public Transit
Curbed LA
Census Bureau Reports 471,000 Workers Commute Into Los Angeles County, Calif., Each Day
PR Newswire

L.A., California Streets Crumbling, Will Need Billions To Fix, Report Says
LA Weekly
California Statewide Local Streets And Roads Needs Assessment (96p. PDF)
Save California Streets

LaHood: The Next Secretary Won't Stand On The Table At Bike Confab
Transportation Nation

Long Beach: One (Giant) Step Closer To Connecting The Broadway Corridor
StreetsBlog LA

New State Law Easing The Way For Miles Of New LA Bike Lanes
Curbed LA

News Summary: CEQA Reform, Bit By Bit
California Planning & Development Report

Photos: New Gates At The Tom Bradley International Terminal ("Officials unveil three aircraft gates at the new Bradley Terminal at LAX. The gates are the first of 18 to be built at the site, some of which can handle larger aircraft such as the Airbus A-380.")
Los Angeles Times

Planned Merger Of Two Ventura County Agencies All But Dead (Ventura County Transportation Commission and Ventura Council Of Governments)
Ventura County Star

Port Of Los Angeles To Vote On Whether To Approve The SCIG Rail Yard Project
Natural Resources Defense Council Switchboard Blog

Proposal Boosts Valley-LA Rail Link ("The recent draft of the 2013 California State Rail Plan includes a Coachella Valley Route that would connect Los Angeles to Indio, expanding passenger rail service for the Palm Springs region.The proposal calls for eight stops, with three -- Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage and Indio -- in the Coachella Valley.")
Desert Sun

Sequestration Means Less $$$ To Harden Northeast Transit Against Future Storms
Transportation Nation

The Reverse-Joads Of California ("Low- and middle-income residents are fleeing the state. Sacramento's liberal policies may bear much of the blame.")
Wall Street Journal

Top Eight Reasons People Give Up On Public Transit
Passengers' Perception Of And Behavioral Adaptation To Unreliability In Public Transportation (embedded document)
University Of California Berkeley

U.S. Railroads To Invest $24.5 Billion In 2013
Journal Of Commerce

Uncovering The First, Fascinating Rulebook For Subway Sign Design ("The existence of the book is well-known; its contents legendary. But apart from a few off-kilter snapshots posted to Flickr in 2006, images of the document itself were scarce. So when Niko Skourtis, Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth found the 1970 manual in a locker beneath a pile of dirty clothes in the Pentagram basement, they did the world a favor and posted its pages, PDF by PDF, on a new website.")
The Atlantic: Cities

U.S. Transportation Secretary LaHood Allocates $390 Million To Reimburse Transit Agencies In New York, New Jersey And Pennsylvania Recovering From Hurricane Sandy
U.S. DOT Press Release

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