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March 4: This Date In Los Angeles Transportation History (Metro announces extension of the HOV lanes for the El Monte Busway. And this week, we mark the 75th anniversary of one of Los Angeles' greatest natural disasters -- the loss of 115 lives and heavy damage to the city's transportation infrastructure led to the channelization of the Los Angeles River)
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

3 Charts That Explain Why You Spend So Much On Transportation
The Atlantic: Cities
Transportation Affordability: Evaluation And Improvement Strategies (36p. PDF)
Victoria Transport Policy Institute

405 Freeway Construction: All Lanes Back Open
KABC Los Angeles

405 Freeway Fully Open After Sepulveda Pass Paving Finishes Early
Los Angeles Times

Are Free Fares Realistic? It Depends On The Alternatives
Human Transit

Bringing Back A Piece Of L.A.'s Olympics Glory ("Most of the 10 murals created along freeways to celebrate the 1984 Summer Games were painted over for protection. A restoration project is underway.")
Los Angeles Times

Californians May Pay Nation's Highest Gas Taxes ("The state Board of Equalization voted Thursday to increase the excise tax from 36 cents to 39.5 cents per gallon on non-diesel fuel beginning with the new fiscal year July 1, partly to offset tax losses because Californians are using less gas.")
Chicago Sun-Times

Closed Lanes On 405 Reopen Sooner Than Planned
NBC Southern California

Departing OCTA Chief Drove Rocky Road (Interview with departing CEO Will Kempton)
Orange County Register

Disney Expansion Plans Are Reason For Streetcar Proposal ("During questioning by Orange County Transportation Authority directors Thursday morning, Anaheim City Councilwoman Kris Murray acknowledged what insiders have been saying for months about the city's planned streetcar project: A major reason for the transit line is to allow expansion of the Disneyland Resort.")
Voice Of OC

The Evolution Of A Corner: Downtown L.A. At Figueroa & Seventh (Numerous archival images dating back to 1920 illustrate the long history of the major intersection in Los Angeles' financial district)
LA as Subject via KCET

Examing Six High Line Park Copycats Around The Globe
Curbed National

Fading Glory Of America's Railways ("The country will decide on whether to build up its rail infrastructure into the envy of the world -- as it is well capable of doing -- or let it painfully get degraded until it ultimately becomes an entirely unviable mode of transportation.")
The Hindu (India)

First Phase Of Gold Line Project On Track To Completion ("A $48.7 million design build was awarded in the Gold Line construction from Pasadena to the Azusa/Glendora border.")
Glendora Patch

For Walkable Cities, It's Not About The Density, It's About Finding The Right Kind Of Density
Natural Resources Defense Council Switchboard Blog

Here's Downtown's Wilshire Grand Slowly Coming Apart
Curbed LA

Is Helping Strangers To A Subway Ride A Good Way To Protest Rising Transit Fares?
The Atlantic: Cities

LACMTA CEO Gets Two-Year Contract Extension; GM Of Santa Clara VTA To Retire

Los Angeles Harbor Commission To Vote On Embattled BNSF Railyard Project
Daily Breeze

Los Angeles' Major Public Spaces Remain Broken Works In Progress ("For the next mayor, advice [from architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne] on how to fix the worst examples of L.A.'s faulty civic vision: LAX, the L.A. River, Pershing Square, the subway to the sea and Grand Avenue.")
Los Angeles Times

Metrolink Construction To Affect Train Schedules For Next 3 Sundays
Los Angeles Daily News

Metrolink Representative Wins ATPA Call Center Challenge Finals ("Annually, APTA conducts an exhaustive search for the best call center representative in public transportation from across the United States and Canada. More than 50 agents took part in the competition this year.")

New Bike Lanes On Vermont: One Small Step Forward Where Three Or Four Big Steps Are Needed
StreetsBlog LA

A New Tack On Development Reform
Los Angeles Downtown News

Passenger Trains Will Be Diverted Over Tehachapi Loop
Tehachapi News

Political PiƱata Amtrak Is The Fastest Growing Transportation Mode
StreetsBlog DC

RIP: Buffered Bike Lane In Front Of LAPD Headquarters
StreetsBlog LA

SaMo Looking For Big Names For Mixed-Use Development
Curbed LA

Shhh! "Quiet Cars" Turn Commuters Into Librarians ("Passenger-on-passenger policing is just what can happen as the quiet-car concept continues to expand to more railroad lines. Best-known on Amtrak, the shhh-cars are an option on local train lines in places including New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Illinois and California. While some of the quiet cars have clear signs with the rules, others roll up with none..")
Wall Street Journal

Shuster Shows His Thoughtful Side, Boxer Heaps Praise At AASHTO Conference
StreetsBlog DC

State To Spend $9M On Amtrak PR
San Diego Union-Tribune

Thousand Oaks Transportation Center Parking Expansion Appears On Track
Ventura County Star

Transit Bus Applications Of Lithium Ion Batteries: Progress And Prospects (42p. PDF)
Federal Transit Administration

Transportation Funding Crisis -- And A New Tax?
Clean Technica

Washington State Lawmaker: Cyclists Cause Pollution By Exhaling
StreetsBlog Network

What Is The Senate's 2013-14 Agenda For Transit Issues?
Transportation Issues Daily

When Metro Locks Subway Gates, Riders Actually Pay To Ride
Curbed LA

Will They Or Won't They? The Romance Between Obama & High-Speed Rail
Next American City

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