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January 3: This Date In Los Angeles Transportation History (A Ventura Freeway Highway Improvement Study is announced)
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

The 5 Most Important Sustainability Stories Of 2013
The Atlantic: Cities

10 Miles Of New Sidewalks In SaMo's Bergamot Area Plan
Curbed LA

25 Years Later, VTA Light Rail Among The Nation's Worst ("The near-empty trolleys that often shuttle by at barely faster than jogging speeds serve as a constant reminder that the car is still king in Silicon Valley -- and that the Valley Transportation Authority's trains are among the least successful in the nation by any metric. Today, fewer than 1 percent of the county's residents ride the trains daily, while it costs the rest of the region -- taxpayers at large -- about $10 to subsidize every rider's round trip.")
Oroville Mercury-Register

The 2012 Capitol Hill Streetsies Awards Part 1 and Part 2 ("You know, you just can’t wrap your head around what a bizarre year 2012 was for federal transportation policy until you put it all together in something like the Streetsies. So it’s a good thing we have the Streetsies to lay it all out for us!")
StreetsBlog DC

Amtrak Seeks Safety Changes To Allow U.S. Bullet Trains

Are We There Yet?: The Exodus
Reconnecting America
Are We There Yet? Creating Complete Communities For 21st Century America (96p. PDF)
Reconnecting America

BART To Airport Connector Is On Track
San Francisco Chronicle

California Toll Bonds Hampered By Freeways: Muni Credit

Caltrans Streamlines Process To Accept Electronic Bids From Job Contractors
Caltrans Press Release

Changes From MAP-21 Keep DOT Busy In 2012...And 2013
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

City Receives $4.1 Million For Transportation
Thousand Oaks Acorn

"Cliff" Bill Restores Commuter Tax Break
The Hill

Communicating The Value Of Preservation: A Playbook (197p. PDF)
National Cooperative Highway Research Program

Congress Makes Public Transit Commute Benefit Equal To The Parking Benefit
APTA Press Release

Discontented Supervisors Taking Issue With OCTA Board Majority ("Ongoing tensions within the Orange County Transportation Authority have begun to bubble over in recent weeks as several county supervisors, who also serve on the OCTA board, are going public with their discontent regarding how the $1-billion agency is being run.")
Voice Of OC

A Distance-Based Method To Estimate Annual Pedestrian And Bicyclist Exposure In An Urban Environment (86p. PDF : "This report describes a methodology for measuring pedestrian and bicyclist exposure based on counts of pedestrian and bicyclist volumes as well as the distances that pedestrians and bicyclists travel on facilities shared with motor vehicles. The distances that pedestrians and bicyclists travel on these facilities represent a measure of their exposure to the risk of having a crash with a motor vehicle.")
Federal Highway Administration

Double-Deck The 405? MTA To Hear From Public On Sepulveda Pass
CBS Los Angeles

Earthquakes, Maybe. But Is Los Angeles Prepared For A Tsunami? ("The port’s workaround plan would include traffic diversions, road closures, and coned off wharf areas.")

Football Teams Seem Nervous About Moving To Downtown LA
Curbed LA
NFL Teams Interested In Moving To Los Angeles Face February 15 Deadline
Los Angeles Daily News

Free Wi-Fi Service To Shut Down On Coaster Trains
San Diego Union-Tribune

How Avis Will Ruin Zipcar
Washington Post

LAX Passenger Traffic Up Slightly Over Last Year
Daily Breeze

Mass-Transit Tax Break In Obama-Signed "Fiscal Cliff" Bill

Municipal Railway Celebrates 100 Years (Numerous historical images illustrate story of San Francisco's municipal railway ("Muni") turning 100 on December 28th)
San Francisco Chronicle

New Year Brings New Approach To Transit Projects ("FTA is making a New Year's resolution to make it easier to submit projects for New Starts and Small Starts funding, and last week's Final Rule for Major Capital Investment Projects is a terrific first step. This revised approach streamlines the transit project approval process so communities can enjoy the benefits of transit more quickly.")
APTA Press Release

[N.Y.] MTA Considers Installing Sliding Doors To Prevent Deaths, Injuries
New York Daily News
NY MTA Tepidly Explores Platform Barriers After Subway Track Deaths...Again
Transportation Nation

Popular [D.C.] Metro NextBus App Dies Amid Tech Companies' Spat
Washington Examiner

Safe And Sustainable Roads: The Case For A Sustainable Development Goal (40p. PDF)
Make Roads Safe: The Campaign For Global Road Safety

Survey Says: 6th Street Bridge Is One Of LA's Most Popular Film Shoot Locations
Blog Downtown

Transit Tax Benefit Equalized With Parking Benefit In Fiscal Cliff Deal
StreetsBlog DC

Urban Trends We Hope Die In 2013 (Selling naming rights to transit stations, using public transportation to advance a hate-filled agenda, bus riders fighting train commuters, and more)
The Atlantic: Cities

Valley Agencies Confident In Bid For Amtrak Lines
Modesto Bee

What Really Matters For Increasing Transit Ridership ("In the latest issue of the Journal of Public Transportation, a research duo led by Jeffrey Brown of Florida State provide some of the most persuasive evidence yet that transit ridership is not inextricably linked to a city's business core. The researchers analyzed all 82 metro areas in the United States with at least half a million people (as of the 2000 Census) and found, widely speaking, "no relationship between the strength of the CBD and transit ridership.")
The Atlantic: Cities
Central Business Districts And Transit Ridership: A Reexamination Of The Relationship In The United States (22p. PDF)
University Of South Florida Center For Urban Transportation Research

Why Don't American Subway Stations Have Public Bathrooms?
The Atlantic: Cities

Will Avis Destroy Zipcar? ("The aging car-rental giant announced Wednesday morning that it plans to acquire Zipcar for $500 million.")
The Atlantic: Cities

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