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First Electric Streetcar, Charging Stations, Driverless Cars, Transit Apps, Fiscal Cliff & More

January 4: This Date In Los Angeles Transportation History (Two 19th century milestones accompanied by historic images: the first electric streetcar in Los Angeles and the birth of Los Angeles Railway)
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

BART Labors To Keep Escalators Running
San Francisco Chronicle

Controversial HOT Lanes Spread Nationally
First Coast News

Fiscal Cliff Deal Leaves Big Questions On Transportation
StreetsBlog DC

Metro Installing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations At Train Stops

More MTA Signal Malfunctions Congest Traffic
South Pasadena Patch

Port Of Long Beach To Break Ground On Gerald Desmond Bridge
Contra Costa Times

Record Breaking Metro System Of The Day: Beijing ("If you laid the metro system of Beijing end to end, it would be substantially longer than the distance between New York City and Washington D.C. And that's literally only half of it -- the 32-year-old system plans to put a new line into operation in each of the next three years. By 2020, the system is projected to extend over 600 miles. That's three times the length of the New York City subway.")
The Atlantic: Cities

Shuster: Strengthen Our Transportation Network
Roll Call

Streets Filled With Driverless Cars: A Perpetual Fantasy?
Driverless Cars And The Limitations Of The "Complete Imagined Future"
Human Transit
Why Driverless Cars Will Trump Transit Rivals (4p. PDF)
Globe And Mail (Canada) via StreetsBlog

Transit App Moovit Takes A Page From Waze's Crowdsourcing Playbook ("Moovit is trying to be the Waze of public transit by offering a crowd-sourced transportation app for bus and train commuters. The system hopes to provide more accurate estimated time of arrivals and better updates on upcoming travel conditions.")

Union Station To Get Electric Vehicle Chargers This Month
Blog Downtown

Union Station To Get Electric Vehicle Stations
Los Angeles Downtown News

West Adams-Baldwin Hills-Leimert Community Plan (239p. PDF)
City Of Los Angeles Department Of City Planning

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