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The 10 Coolest Airport Public Transportation Routes
USA Today

2012: The Year Of Transportation Infrastructure
Natural Resources Defense Council Switchboard Blog

4,114 Stoplights In Los Angeles And The Intricate Network That Keeps Traffic Moving ("Yu is a soft-spoken engineer with great power: He sets the timing for all of L.A.’s stoplights. His department has to take it all in: bikes, trains, big events and, of course, lots and lots of cars. Los Angeles has one of the nation’s worst reputations for automobile congestion, but that’s a simplistic way of looking at things. Its freeways are still the most congested in the nation, but L.A. has 36 times as many miles of surface streets as it does freeways.")

Asthma Caused By Air Pollution Costs Long Beach And Riverside $18 Million A Year
Southern California Public Radio

Bike Lessons From Long Beach (video : "Over the past five years, Long Beach has been accelerating its bicycle amenities in innovative ways.")
Zev Yaroslavsky, Los Angeles County Supervisor, Third District

Blogging From TRB: Transportation And Air Quality
The City Fix

Building Your Brand Tweet By Tweet
Talking Transportation

Bus Agency Reports Record Number Of Riders ("Western Riverside County buses did booming business in late 2011, breaking previous ridership records.")
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Chamber Of Commerce Mobilizes Behind Highway Bill
The Hill

City Of Ontario Bids $50M To Take Back Struggling Airport
CBS Los Angeles

Creating "The Most Bicycle Friendly City In America"...In Southern California (" In just a few years, [Long Beach] has allocated more than $20 million for bike-related projects, adding new bike routes to city streets, building protected bike lanes, painting shared lanes, and installing the signage, signaling and parking that restate non-verbally the city’s new motto, now prominently displayed on a wall outside City Hall: “Long Beach, the most bicycle friendly city in America.")
The Atlantic: Cities

Editorial: Engineering A Jobs Program: Putting People From Low-Income Neighborhoods To Work On L.A. Transit Projects Is Worth A Try
Los Angeles Times

Flagging Westwood-To-LAX Shuttle Hangs On As Ridership Study Resumes
Los Angeles Daily News

Frequency And Real-Time Info Help Transit Riders Most
Greater Greater Washington

Funds OK'd For High Desert Corridor Passenger Rail Planning
ENR California

House On The Verge Of Releasing A Transportation Bill Tied To Increased Oil Drilling
Transportation For America

House Republicans To Introduce "At Least" Five-Year Transport Bill
Journal Of Commerce

House To Introduce Five-Year, $260 Billion Highway Bill
The Hill

In Kazakhstan, A Beautiful, Futuristic New Subway System (includes some must-see photos)
The Atlantic: Cities

LA/2B Townhalls -- Participate In The Mobility Element Update
LADOT Bike Blog

L.A. County Takes Step To Promote Exercise, Reduce Obesity ("Supervisors approve an ordinance requiring new developments in unincorporated areas to have bicycle parking and wider sidewalks, and to make it easier to start community gardens.")
Los Angeles Times

LaHood: Still Our Goal To Connect 80 Percent Of Americans To High-Speed Rail By 2036
Transportation Nation

New Urbanists Release Principles For Sustainable Street Networks
StreetsBlog DC
Sustainable Street Network Principles (32p. PDF)
Congress For New Urbanism Project For Transportation Reform

Public Transit Association Applauds State Of The Union Despite Rail Snub
The Hill

Signature Gathering Can Begin On Initiative To Repeal High-Speed Rail Project
San Francisco Examiner

Tomorrow's Metro Board Agenda: Construction Jobs, 710, Bikes, Bikes, Bikes
StreetsBlog LA

Torrance Opts To Consider Cuts, Fare Hikes Rather Than Leaving MAX
Daily Breeze

Train Wars: A Documentary Film About America's Culture War And High Speed Rail In California
Train Wars

The Unlikely Green Alternative To The Keystone Pipeline? Railroads

Video Summary Reports Catch On: TxDOT Shares Best Practices And Research Results On YouTube
Texas Transportation Institute

Why Jerry Brown Is Standing Firm On Shaky California High-Speed Rail Plan ("Another report critical of California's $100-billion high-speed rail project – the second this month – has not shaken Gov. Jerry Brown's faith in the plan. He has his eyes on his legacy, some say.")
Christian Science Monitor

Why L.A. Has Clashing Street Grids ("Several distinct political and cultural regimes have passed through Southern California, and each has left its distinct mark on the landscape. The result—clashing street grids, along with errant boulevards defying the grids' attempts at order—is a palimpsest of past cultural influences on the Los Angeles cityscape.")
LA as Subject via KCET

Will Congress Block Infrastructure Spending? President Obama's Defeat Is More Important Than Job Creation
Center For American Progress

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