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710 Freeway Gap, Miracle Mile, MAX Service, El Monte Busway, Santa Barbara Ciclovia, Fare Cards & More

January 24: This Date In Los Angeles Transportation History (Recalling more than 70 years of continuous employment for Metro's "Employee of the century")
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

10 Procedural Hurdles To Enacting A Federal Transportation Bill
Transportation Issues Daily

40 Years Ago This Week: Groundbreaking For El Monte Busway -- California's First Multi-Modal System & The World's First Bus Rapid Transit Station
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

After 57 Years, SigAlert Still With Us
Orange County Register

Ciclovia Inspires An Active Community: Bringing The Party Home To Santa Barbara ("Many of us in the transportation world were pleasantly surprised when we heard that the Sunday parkway concept was taking off in Los Angeles.")
Santa Barbara Independent

A Comic Take On The Sustainability Of The Word "Sustainable"
StreetsBlog DC

Communicating Winter Weather And Transportation Misery
Talking Transportation

Former El Monte Developer Executives Accused Of Fraud Speak Out Against City ("It was in the early 2000s that Lang and Leung became involved in the development of the Transit Village, envisioned as a "village" of homes and businesses centered around the El Monte bus station off of Santa Anita Avenue and the 10 Freeway.")
Pasadena Star-News

GM's 1950s Traffic Solutions: Perimeter Parking, More Buses ("The Metro Transportation Library and Archive has uncovered a gem at its YouTube channel--a General Motors-produced video from the fifties on "traffic solutions" in America's downtowns.")
Curbed LA

A Homeless Man's Unused Subway Card Empire ("John Jones says he's made $20,000 reselling tossed Metrocards. Should that be legal?")
The Atlantic: Cities

House Brass Adding To Gridlock Over Transit

Local Cities To Weigh In On Project To Close 710 Freeway Gap
Pasadena Star-News

Los Angeles Misses Out On Stimulus Grants ("Controller Wendy Greuel finds that the lack of oversight cost the city more than $125 million. She proposes a centralized body to pursue specific funding.")
Los Angeles Times

Main Street Road Diet Only Partially Completed Last Weekend
StreetsBlog LA

The Miracle Mile Is Back, Baby ("Optimism is strong, especially since two subway stations, and maybe a trolley, are on their way.")
Curbed LA

Municipal Area Express Service May Be Canceled
("With ridership dropping and costs increasing, Torrance appears likely to make good on a move telegraphed a year ago and pull out of operating the MAX commuter bus service to El Segundo.")
Daily Breeze

National Planning Awards, 2012
American Planning Association

Neighborhood Crime And Travel Behavior: An Investigation Of The Influence Of Neighborhood Crime Rates On Mode Choice -- Phase II (104p. PDF)
Mineta Transportation Institute

Renewed Efforts Keep 710 Freeway Debate Hot: Expanded Committee, New Research Initiative On Agenda For Closing The 710 Freeway Gap
NBC Los Angeles

Residents Give Input On City's Proposed Bicycle Transportation Plan
South Gate Patch

SigAlert Founding Honored On Day Of Slick Roads, Traffic Jams
Los Angeles Times

State Joins Suit Against San Diego Regional Transportation Plan ("The spotlight is on San Diego to lead the way on regional transportation planning that reduces greenhouse gas emissions. But critics say that the regional planning agency’s proposal is anything but a model for sustainable planning.")

Switching To A Connection: The Limitations Of Building Rail In L.A. County

Top 10 Ways To "Keep It Real" For LA Mobility

The Trenching, And The Spin, Go On In Beverly Hills
StreetsBlog LA

Trolleying Out The Same Old Arguments ("We need more systems like Los Angeles's Wilshire express buses, major successes in terms of ridership regardless of what the aesthetic experience may be like.")
The Economist

Villaraigosa: Washington Must Be Smart About Cuts, Investments In U.S. Cities
PBS News Hour via YouTube

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