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30/10 Faces Funding Problems After Expo Line Opens
USC Annenberg Neon Tommy

$1 Billion Private Investment Proposed For HSR Maintenance
California High Speed Rail Blog

Are People Riding The Expo Line? Yes, But Not Enough Yet
Curbed LA

As We Redraft Santa Monica Zoning, Let's Drop The Parking Minimums
StreetsBlog LA

City Hall's Worsening Traffic Nightmare
Santa Monica Daily Press

Do Passing Distance Laws Really Protect Cyclists?
The Atlantic: Cities

Information On The Go: Metro Library Figures Prominently In "Go Metro Los Angeles" Free Mobile App
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

International Bus Roadeo Competition To Be Held And Bus & Paratransit Conference Will Begin On Sunday, May 6, 2012 (Long Beach Convention Center)

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs And Green, Too: Can Transportation Drive The Future?
Huffington Post

L.A. Tries Bringing Subway To Land Of Maseratis
Next American City

LaHood Calls For Increased Federal Oversight On Transportation

Metro Diary: It's 9:30 P.M....Do You Know Who's Riding Metro? 
StreetsBlog LA

Missing The Bus: History Points To Trouble Ahead For LA's Increasingly Separate And Unequal Mass Transit System (Part 2 of 2)
Pasadena Weekly

New Lanes Take L.A.'s Total Bike Lane Mileage Over 200
LADOT Bike Lane

New Light Rail Ridership Falls Short By More Than Half: L.A. Expo Line Running Almost Empty With "Brief" 30-Minute Delays ("Los Angeles’ brand new $930 million Exposition light rail line is carrying so few riders and bringing in so little revenue that it will, at best, take 65 years for the train to earn back its capital investment (not including ongoing operating costs). If the project completes its next phase and establishes an at-grade train that runs through heavy street traffic from Downtown L.A. to the city of Santa Monica, it will not pay for its construction for 170 years.")
The Reason Foundation's Comically Flawed Research On LA Rail ("We know what this oil industry-backed think tank is going to say before they've said it: Ridership will be lower than expected; costs will be higher. What's more interesting than the conclusions, to us anyway, is the methodological contortion needed to draw them.")
StreetsBlog Network
Reason Foundation Makes A Hilarious Claim About The Expo Line
Stop And Move

On The Vaunted City Subway Map, Mistakes And Phantom Blocks
New York Times

Opinion: L.A. Gets Railroaded At Last ("Metro bus and rail ridership has jumped during the first two months of this year, thanks in part to soaring gas prices. The Metro Gold Line from downtown to Pasadena saw the biggest spike: up nearly 22 percent over boardings from a year earlier. Orange Line commuter traffic also carried significantly more passengers than a year ago, up by 18 percent, and the Blue and Green lines also drew more commuters. From which we can extrapolate that a new generation of commuters are beginning to shun Sig Alerts and budget-busting gas prices in favor of clean, sophisticated public transit.")
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Opinion: MTA Vote: Is Our City Stuck On Stupid?
USC Annenberg Intersections South LA

Political Jockeying Over Gas Prices Is Divorced From Reality
StreetsBlog DC

This Collapse In Automobile Usage Is Completely Unprecedented In The American Economy
Business Insider

The True Cost Of Driving And Travel Behavior

Video Paints Doomsday Scenario For Planned Westside Subway Extension
Los Angeles Times

Writers, Riots & The Expo Line

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