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May 4: This Date In Los Angeles Transportation History (Los Angeles gets its very first interurban rail line -- to Pasadena, and L.A. transit responds to the 1974 national fuel crisis)
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

710 Freeway: Residents Talk Health Concerns
San Marino Patch

American Manufacturers, Workers Creating Passenger Rail That's Built To Last
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

Bev Hills Subway Meeting Set ("The public hearing on the Purple Line that Beverly Hills has requested with Metro has been scheduled -- it will take place May 17 at 1:30 pm at Metro HQ.")
Curbed LA
BH Councilman: PTA's Subway Disaster Video Kind Of A Disaster
Curbed LA

California Bullet Train Board Approves Environmental Studies
Los Angeles Times

CBO Report Says Federal Gas Tax Must Increase Due To Proposed CAFE Standards
Daily Tech
How Would Proposed Fuel Economy Standards Affect The Highway Trust Fund? (10p. PDF)
Congressional Budget Office

Controller Wants Big Changes At City Transit Agency
EGP News

Does Suburban Local Service Get Cars Off The Road?
Human Transit

Downtown Ranked The "Most Walkable Neighborhood In Los Angeles"
Blog Downtown

Editorial: MTA's Rail Car Reasoning
Los Angeles Times

Expo Excitement And Expectation ("This has always been a city that looks to the future for inspiration. As tracks continue to be set firmly into the concrete of L.A.'s Westside, we think that Southern California will finally be able to shed its image as a place where the car dictates the way we travel, and build.")
Huffington Post

Five Signs California Is Ditching Its Car Habit
National Geographic

Getting Things Done: What's At Stake For Congress In The Transportation Bill
Natural Resources Defense Council Switchboard Blog

Higher Fuel Standards Could Reduce Federal Transportation Funds By $57 Billion By 2022
Transportation Issues Daily

Hundreds Of Communities Across The Country Host National Train Day Events On May 12

LA Port Adopts Clean-Air Program For Ships
Journal Of Commerce

Lane Closures Expected In Metro Gold Line Extension Project
Arcadia Patch

A Little TIFIA Takes Transportation Projects A Long Way
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

Metro Postpones Century City Subway Station Vote; Agrees To Hearing With Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills Courier

New Fuel Standards Could Lead To Higher Gas Prices
American Public Media Marketplace

Officials Dig In To I-5 Truck Lane Project

Pitching Duel: In L.A., Fight Takes Off Over Struggling Airport ("Locals Call In Baseball's Tommy Lasorda to Rally for Ontario; Hearing Birds Chirp.")
Wall Street Journal

Proactive Assessment Of Accident Risk To Improve Safety On A System Of Freeways (102p. PDF)
Mineta Transportation Institute

The True Cost Of Driving And Travel Behavior

Use Of Social Media In Public Transportation (66p. PDF)
Transit Cooperative Research Program

Why Johnny Can't Ride To School: Safe Routes On The National Stage
League Of American Cyclists

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