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April 6: This Date In Los Angeles Transportation History (New rail cars for Metro and a milestone in Wilshire Boulevard and Expo Line planning)
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

5th National Bus Rapid Transit Conference (August 20-22 : Las Vegas)
Transportation Research Board

50 Years After Historic JFK Message To Congress, Transportation Still The Thread That Connects Our Nation
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

AEG Completes Farmers Field EIR: Developer Files Document And Reveals Plan For Massive Pre-Game Tailgating Area
Los Angeles Downtown News

AEG Wants To Upgrade Convention Center, With Or Without Stadium Deal
Blog Downtown

Bev Hills-Funded Study Favors Tunneling Under BH High, City Still Up To Fight It
Curbed LA

Bikes Lanes Coming To Winnetka Avenue Between Nordhoff And Devonshire Streets
Chatsworth Patch

Cap-And-Trade Fees Become Key Source For Rail Plan ("California's revised plan to build the nation's first high-speed rail system identifies an alternative source of funding if federal and private-sector contributions fail to materialize -- fees generated from California's new cap-and-trade program for greenhouse gas emissions.")
Business Week

Company Seeking To Build LA NFL Stadium Says It Will Add Freeway Lanes, Upgrade Train Stations
Washington Post

Downtown L.A. Stadium Would Bring Light And Traffic, Study Finds
Los Angeles Times

Facebook For Cities: A Social Network for Building Better Neighborhoods

Federal Transpo Policy Entering New Era, Say NYC Officials. Now What?

First Look At Farmer's Field Traffic EIR: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
StreetsBlog LA

Football And Freeways: AEG Releases Key NFL Stadium Report ("The downtown NFL stadium developer looks at expanding the 101 Freeway as part of an Environmental Impact Report.")
NBC Los Angeles

Football Stadium Plan Bets Many Fans Would Leave Cars At Home
Los Angeles Times

Goodbye Westside Traffic, Hello Purple Subway
USC Annenberg Neon Tommy

High Speed Rail Helps, Not Hurts, The State Budget
California High Speed Rail Blog

LA Metro Gold Line Constructor Granted Notice To Proceed
International Railway Journal

LA NFL Stadium Developer Releases Impact Plan
Associated Press

LA NFL Stadium Impact Report Says Development Will Have "Unavoidable Significant Impacts"
Huffington Post

LED Bicycle Handlebars Glow And Signal Turns

Metro Gold Line Extension To Move Full Speed Ahead
Whittier Daily News

Mirisch, Bosse Will Call For City To Withdraw Subway Support and
Municipal League Demands "No Subway In Beverly Hills" and
Second Set Of Experts Discredit MTA Seismic Study and
Will The City Council Act To Prevent The Tunnel Under BHHS? and
School Board Will Bring Bond Dilemma To The People
Beverly Hills Courier

New Census Data Reveals Shift From Suburbs To Cities (audio : "New Census data released Thursday shows that the annual rate of growth in American cities has now surpassed that of the suburbs for the first time in 20 years.")
The Takeaway

Newly Adopted Southern California Regional Plan "An Historic Effort"

NFL Stadium: AEG Details Farmers Field Traffic Plans
Long Beach Press-Telegram

Opinion: Is There A Demand For This? ("In this city, it’s easier to find an apartment than a TAP card (our version of a Metrocard). I had to buy mine in a liquor store on Hollywood Boulevard, since it’s not sold in subway stations.")
New York Times

Oregon DOT Nixes "Highway Division" For "Multi-Modal" System
StreetsBlog Network
ODOT Transformation Continues: No More "Highway Division"
Bike Portland

Rail Carriers Fear Re-Regulation Amid Mixed Traffic Data

Report: NFL Stadium Would Bring 20K Cars For Events ("The report says that the spike in traffic caused by events would create "significant" and "unavoidable" impacts at 20 intersections in the hour after Sunday events. On Sundays, 42 intersections would be impacted in the hour after an event. That would happen even after AEG implements traffic control measures at the intersections, according to the report. On weekdays, about 72 intersections would be affected in the hour leading up to an event. The stadium would also have unavoidable significant impacts on freeway offramps, notwithstanding AEG's traffic management plan.")

Southern California Adopts $524 Billion Regional Plan (Updated)
California Planning & Development Report

Talking Transit Funding With Construction Honcho Denise Richardson (Managing Director of the General Contractors Association)
StreetsBlog DC

TIGER 2012 Applications Far Exceed Available Funds; Overwhelming Demand Demonstrates Investment Need
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

Transportation Bill Faces More Bumps Ahead

Transportation's Messaging Problem ("Look at any survey in which Americans name the most serious challenges facing the country, and transportation infrastructure doesn't register. At all. For transportation stakeholders, that's a big problem. Now, a growing number of them are shifting their strategies to try to capture an audience that's often left out of the conversation: everyday Americans.")

U.S. PIRG Report: Young Americans Dump Cars For Bikes, Buses
StreetsBlog DC
Transportation And The New Generation: Why Young People Are Driving Less And What It Means For Transportation Policy (41p. PDF : "The trend away from driving has been led by young people. From 2001 to 2009, the average annual number of vehicle miles traveled by young people (16 to 34-year-olds) decreased from 10,300 miles to 7,900 miles per capita -- a drop of 23 percent.")
Frontier Group / U.S. PIRG Education Fund

Watch Out! Santa Monica's Expo Era Is Underway
Santa Monica Dispatch

Yucca St. To Become A Bike-Friendly Alternative To Hollywood
Curbed LA

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