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April 3: This Date In Los Angeles Transportation History (L.A. adopts "Concept Los Angeles," a watershed long-range planning document committed to a detailed, comprehensive transportation system for our poly-centric region)
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

The 5 Biggest U.S. Infrastructure Projects Plus 5 At Risk ("From Washington, D.C., to California, read about the five biggest projects in the country right now -- and the five biggest ones in jeopardy.")

Active Transportation Beyond Urban Centers: Walking And Bicycling In Small Towns And Rural America (28p. PDF)
Rails To Trails Conservancy

As Metro Wraps Up Public Outreach On Westside Subway, Beverly Hills Readies For A Fight
StreetsBlog LA

A Brief History Of The Parking Meter
The Atlantic: Cities

California Gas Prices Soar As Consumption Falls
Sacramento Bee

California High-Speed Rail Authority Releases Amibitious New Plan
Huffington Post

California High-Speed Rail Program Draft Revised 2012 Business Plan (212p. PDF : "April 2, 2012...Building California's Future")
California High Speed Rail Authority

City Officials, Residents Rally To Fight Metro's Plan To Tunnel Under BHHS ("Opponents of the Constellation Avenue station chant "Schools and subways do not mix. Metro needs a better fix!")
Beverly Hills Patch

Cleantech Corridor Deal Rising From The Redevelopment Ashes
Curbed LA

Curt Pringle's Dance With California's Lobbying Law
Voice Of OC

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Bus Rapid Transit
The Atlantic: Cities

Factoring In Seating At L.A./Ontario International Airport
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Financing Still Murky For Revamped $68B Rail Plan
Sacramento Bee

High-Speed Rail Board Wants To Blend In
Santa Clarita Valley News

High Speed Rail's New Math: $30 Billion Less For A Train To L.A.
Orange County Register

How Downtown L.A. Became A Place To Live (Without Parking) (How Los Angeles' Adaptive Reuse Ordinance has made downtown more pedestrian-centric)

How Far Can You Travel By Transit From Your Neighborhood?
Curbed LA
Mapnificent Los Angeles (Go ahead, try it. Place the marker at your location, then slide the timeline to see how the areas you can reach by public transit within that given time)

LA Convention Center Changes Might Happen Even Without NFL Deal
Los Angeles Times

L.A. Leaders Back Revised Bullet-Train Business Plan
Los Angeles Times

Lawmakers Find Updating Ports A Heavy Lift

Local Officials Balk At Bill To Require Them To Spend More On Transit ("Ventura County has until 2014 to figure out how to invest millions on public transit, but if Assemblyman Das Williams has his way, that deadline will move up to July 2013.")
Public CEO

Metrolink To Install Tracking System That Can Stop Trains Remotely
Southern California Public Radio

New California Bullet Train Plan A Grand Finale To Years-Long Drama
Silicon Valley Mercury News

New Database Provides Info On BRT Systems Around The World
Transit Wire
Global BRT Database

OCTA CEO: New Paratransit Center Aids Customers, Improves Efficiency
Metro Magazine

Paying For It ("They still haven't answered the $300 billion question: How do you pay for a long-term reauthorization of the surface transportation program? Isn't it ironic that the parts of the bill that the congressional transportation czars have the least control over are also the ones causing the most problems?...Where does this leave us? We have a policy without a pay-for. Have the revenues used to finance highways always been disassociated with the policy? How can the money and the policy be more closely matched? Are "user fees" like the gas tax the only way to link money and surface transportation? Should the transportation experts be more involved in the money-raising side of the debate, or vice versa?")
National Journal Transportation Experts Blog

Rancor Rules The Day At Purple Line Open House In Beverly Hills
Curbed LA

A Single Day On The Moscow Subway, In 2 Minutes
The Atlantic Cities

SoCal Gas Prices Continue Dropping
Los Angeles Daily News

Transit Commuters Face Higher Costs While Congress Dithers Over Tax Break Extension

Useless States Of America: Why The Ramshackle US Rail System Speaks Of The Wider Decline Of A Once-Great Nation ("The nation which, 150 years ago, brought the Iron Horse through the Rockies at lightning speed, seems unable to build a line through swathes of empty desert.")
Daily Mail (U.K.)

Using Cap-And-Trade Funds For HSR May Be Contentious
California High Speed Rail Blog

U.S. Transportation Secretary LaHood Announces $13.1 Million To Advance The Adoption Of Clean, Green Energy For Transit
Federal Transit Administration News Release

White House: Obama "Pleased" With Highway Extension, Still Hopes For Multiyear Bill
The Hill

Wonkbook: Congress Fails On Infrastructure. Again (All you need to know about the development of, and failure to pass, renewal of SAFETEA-LU, "The Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users")
Washington Post

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