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Caltrans To Start Widening Highway 138
Santa Clarita Valley News

The City, Covered With Logos
The Atlantic: Cities

Compare The Senate And House Transpo Bills, Side-By-Side
StreetsBlog DC

Developers Facing New Fee To Fund Transit Projects ("The Planning Commission voted unanimously Wednesday to move forward a new fee that planners estimate could raise $60 million for transportation projects over the next 20 years.")
Santa Monica Daily Press

Estimating Workforce Development Needs For High-Speed Rail In California (176p. PDF)
Mineta Transportation Institute

Feeding The Beast: The Backdoor Ways Transit Subsidizes Roads
StreetsBlog Network

Fixing The House Bill: Cutting Regulatory Burdens And Bureaucracy
Transportation For America

Foothill Extension Project Update: Falsework For The I-210 Gold Line Bridge Should Be Completely Up Next Week
Monrovia Patch

Gas Prices Force More People To Take Rural Transit

Gas Prices Spike, And American Motorists Rumble With Anger, Frustration
Washington Post

He Lived On The Streetcars In Los Angeles
LA Observed
My Getaway Car: War Reels, Liquor Store Holdups, And My Exploits On The Rails
Zocalo Public Square

Local Reaction Positive To News Of Transportation Bill Clearing Senate
StreetsBlog LA

A Meter So Expensive, It Creates Parking Spots
("San Francisco is trying to shorten the hunt with an ambitious experiment that aims to make sure that there is always at least one empty parking spot available on every block that has meters. The program, which uses new technology and the law of supply and demand, raises the price of parking on the city’s most crowded blocks and lowers it on its emptiest blocks.")
New York Times

Metro Reaches For The Holy Grail: A MetroRail/Airport Extension

New Bike Lanes Appear On Rampart Boulevard
StreetsBlog LA

Officials Take Second Swing At Grant Money For Highway Project
Ventura County Star

The Quest For Safer Intersections
The Atlantic: Cities

Refinements To DOT's Management Of The Highway Trust Fund's Solvency Could Improve The Understanding And Accuracy Of Shortfall Projections (43p. PDF)
U.S. DOT Office Of Inspector General

Seeing Red Over Green: Some Unhappy With Spring Street Bike Lane
Los Angeles Times

Senate OKs Transpo Bill That Would Provide Billions For LA Rail
Curbed LA

The Senate's Transportation Program ("The U.S. Senate’s passage of a transportation reauthorization bill Wednesday was big news, if only because it has now been 898 days since the last transportation bill officially expired. Three years of debates in both houses of the Congress have brought us one proposal after another, but only one piece of legislation has actually made it out the doors of one of the chambers. That is a serious accomplishment for Barbara Boxer’s leadership in the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.")
The Transport Politic

Staffers: House Won't Pass Highway Bill This Month

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