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After 30 Years Of Federal Support For Transit, Battle Lines Are Redrawn
StreetsBlog DC

Bergamot Transit Village Fight Crosses City Borders ("Community representatives from Santa Monica and its neighbors unite against what they call 'piecemeal' planning for several projects, demanding that the city adequately address traffic problems they say would go beyond its city limits.")
Pacific Palisades Patch

Bergamot Transit Village NIMBYs Now Include LA City Council
Curbed LA

Bullet Train Economic Impact Won't Occur Without Some Help: Study
Bakersfield Californian

Department Of DIY Strikes Again: "Except Bikes" Signs Appear On The Westside
StreetsBlog LA

Design For Final Segment Of High Line Revealed!
Architect's Newspaper

Editorial: BART Heads To San Jose
San Francisco Chronicle

Five Strategies For A Transformative Sustainable Communities Strategy In Southern California
Natural Resources Defense Council Switchboard Blog

Garden Grove Opens New Traffic Center Today
Orange County Register

High-Speed Rail Chief: Bullet Train Won't Cost $100 Billion ("Agency leader says train will cost less and launch sooner under revision.")
Silicon Valley Mercury News

HR 7 Insanity: Air Pollution Funds Would Pay For Highway Expansion
StreetsBlog Network
Fixing The House Bill: Reducing Air Pollution By Providing More Travel Options
Transportation For America

Hugging The Expo Line ("In terms of the anticipated completion date of 2015, my big concern is this: does everyone understand that it is not enough to simply thread the Expo Line through existing communities and hope that people will use it? Instead, we need to support the rail line with new zoning ordinances that encourage communities of density and diversity.")
Huffington Post

Is The Biker Rights Movement Gaining Momentum?
The Atlantic: Cities

LA Streetcar Project Inches Forward; Begins Environmental Review
Blog Downtown

Leading In Lean Times: Findings From The Transportation Research Board's 2011 State Partnership Visits Program (12p. PDF)
Transportation Research Board

Metro To Vote On Rail Car Upgrade; May Include Wider Seats And Room For Bikes
Blog Downtown

More Punting On Regional Connector?
Curbed LA

Muni Posters' Goal: Decrease Phone, Tablet Thefts
San Francisco Chronicle

New Report On Statewide Organizations And Federal Funding
League Of American Cyclists
Improving The Process: How Statewide Organizations Are Winning Federal Dollars For Bicycle And Pedestrian Projects (7p. PDF)
Advocacy Advance: Tools To Increase Biking And Walking

Obama Counters Gas Price Demagoguery With Commitment To Fracking
StreetsBlog DC

Over The Top: Transit Planners Look To Gondolas To Put An End To Urban Gridlock
National Post (Canada)

Reversing A Radical Rewrite: Can Boehner Go Bipartisan?
Transportation Nation

Santa Monica Coalition Fires Legal Missive Opposing Bergamot Project
Santa Monica Lookout

Senate Amendments Promote Local (Not State) Control, Bridge Repair
StreetsBlog DC

Senate Bill Surges Forward; House Bill Bogs Down
Next American City

Senate Ready To Pass Bipartisan Overhaul Of Highway, Transit Programs; House Action Uncertain
Washington Post

Senate Rejects Amendment To Allow States To Opt Out Of Federal Transportation Program
The Hill

Wilshire Boulevard: Iconic Yet Bumpy
Park La Brea News Beverly Press

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