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Amtrak Adds Wi-Fi To 12 East Coast Routes
Huffington Post

Bullet Train Cost Estimates Rise To $98.5 Billion: In A Key Change, The State Has Decided To Stretch The Construction Schedule By 13 Years, Completing The Southern California-To-Bay Area High Speed Rail In 2033 Rather Than 2020
Los Angeles Times

Civil Rights Groups Indict Metro For Discriminatory Practices
LA Weekly

History Gives Hope To California High-Speed Rail
The Atlantic: Cities

In California, A "Bus" Without The Bus ("Three neighboring beach cities in Orange [?!] County, California – Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, and Hermosa Beach – are instituting an innovative wellness program based on active living, complete streets, good nutrition, and just plain fun.")
The Atlantic: Cities

The L.A. Times Powerful Series: "Buy Here, Pay Here" Used Car Dealers
StreetsBlog LA
A Vicious Cycle In The Used-Car Business: Sign, Drive, Default, Repossess And Resell (First of three parts)
Los Angeles Times
Investors Place Big Bets On Buy Here Pay Here Used-Car Dealers (Second of three parts)
Los Angeles Times

Method To Madness In Repaving L.A. Roads
Los Angeles Daily News

The Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority Announces Court Ruling On CEQA Lawsuit
Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority

More 405 Closures Planned This Week: One Side Of The Freeway Will Be Closed At A Time For Up To One Mile Near The Sunset Boulevard Bridge
NBC Los Angeles

A National Infrastructure Bank Would Tap The Private Sector, Protect Taxpayers
Sacramento Bee

Paying For Roads With Drilling ("Is Boehner right that there is a "natural link" between new sources of domestic oil and a modern infrastructure? What separates the transportation and energy sectors, politically and policy-wise? Even if new domestic drilling doesn't happen, is it possible to draw on other revenue from the energy industry to pay for our highways? Where else can we find $100 billion? How seriously can we take Boehner's concession on highway spending levels if it doesn't come with a realistic offset?")
National Journal Transportation Experts Blog

Plan Says Total Calif. High-Speed Rail System To Cost $98B But Will Make Money
Washington Post

Population Growth In Los Angeles And Around The World
KCRW Which Way, L.A.?

Q+A Gail Goldberg: Sam Lubell Talks With ULI LA Director Gail Goldberg About Issues Facing Today's Cities
Architect's Newspaper

Reinventing The Railway: Maglev Tech To The Aero-Train
Humans Invent

RTA Gets $5.6 Million For New Buses
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Senate Vote Due On Infrastructure Bank Proposal
The Hill

Speed Bumps Could Make Renewable Electricity
Smart Planet

Transportation Groups Want To Increase The Gas Tax ("For the first time in two decades, major transportation groups have banded together and made a request that, in other circumstances, would be considered crazy — “Tax us … NOW.”)

Trapped By Car Dependence: Stories From Commute-Battered Americans
StreetsBlog DC

U.S. Department Of Transportation Announces $34.7 Million For Improvements To Transit In Los Angeles (Oct. 28 press release)
U.S. Federal Transit Administration

US House Speaker Promotes Transportation Projects ("Speaker John Boehner spoke in favor Monday of pumping federal money into transportation construction and speeding regulatory review of those projects — comments that seemed to resonate in a region longing for new bridges to ease traffic snarls. Boehner drew sustained applause from a crowd at the University of Louisville as the Republican speaker from Ohio touted transportation construction as a place where a fractious Congress could reach common ground in trying to jump-start job growth.")
CBS MoneyWatch

What To Expect In The New High-Speed Rail Business Plan

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