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"4 Years Storm:" BRU And Community Groups Look At MTA Post-Consent Decree
StreetsBlog LA

As Use Dwindles, Calls Grow For Local Control Of Ontario Airport: After Three Decades Of Steady Growth, L.A./Ontario International Airport -- A Pillar Of Pride For The Inland Empire -- Lost A Third Of Its 7.2 Million Annual Passengers Between 2007 And 2010. It's On Track To Lose An Additional 200,000 This Year
Los Angeles Times

Bicycle Library
(A new mobile library in London advocates for bicycling and loans bikes, books, magazines, and features an art gallery and film screenings)
Bicycle Library

Buffered Green-Painted Bike Lane Coming Soon To Spring Street In DTLA
StreetsBlog LA

Businesses, Cities Put Clean Air Into Action ("Have you noticed the tailpipes of MTA buses no longer spew black soot? I have.")
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

California's Bullet Train Gamble Begins: $9 Billion Now On The Line
Silicon Valley Mercury News

California's Energy Future - The View To 2050: Summary Report
(65p. PDF)
California Council On Science And Technology

The Catch-22 Of Red-Light Cameras
The Atlantic: Cities

Crenshaw-LAX Rail Line Closer To Reality, But Is Prosperity?
San Francisco Bay View

Editorial: Public Art -- Let 100 Murals Bloom: The City Is Drafting A Long-Overdue Law That Offers At Least The Chance Of A Public Art Renaissance
Los Angeles Times

Editorial: Rail-Cost Wreckage
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Fact Check: GOP Lawmakers Spin Funding Tall Tales ("It's an outrageous tale: The federal government spends one out of every $10 in transportation aid on wasteful projects such as refurbishing a giant roadside coffee pot and constructing turtle tunnels. That's what Republican lawmakers have said repeatedly in recent weeks in the Senate, in public appearances and in news releases.")
Associated Press

How Can L.A. Fix Its Sidewalks?
StreetsBlog LA

Integrating Road Safety Into NEPA Analysis: A Practitioner's Primer (86p. PDF)
Federal Highway Administration

LA Metro Receives $34.7 Million For Buses, New Bus Station
USC Annenberg Neon Tommy

The Man Behind The Cleantech Incubator
Los Angeles Downtown News

Metal Thieves Using Google To Find Booty: Metal Thieves Are Scanning Railway Timetables For Engineering Disruption To Find New Stocks Of Cable To Steal
Telegraph (U.K.)

Multimodal Transportation Indicators, October 2011 (36p. PDF)
U.S. Bureau Of Transportation Statistics

New California Bullet Train Business Plan To Be Released Nov. 1
San Francisco Business Journal

Pass This Bill: Why Congress Must Put People Back To Work Rebuilding Our Country
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

Policy Options For Reducing Energy Use And Greenhouse Gas Emissions From U.S. Transportation (228p. PDF)
U.S. Transportation Research Board
Report In Brief: Summary (4p. PDF)
Press Release

PUC Reopens Doran Rail Crossing Review: Atwater Residents Oppose Closure But Glendale Residents Are In Favor Of It
Glendale News-Press

A Real Plan To Fix Bridges, Or A Reprise Of Attacks On Pedestrian Safety?
Transportation For America

Residents Worry About High-Speed Rail Bisecting Heart Of Bakersfield
Bakersfield Californian

Review Of Mexican Experience With The Regulation Of Large Commercial Motor Vehicles (33p. PDF)
National Cooperative Highway Research Program

San Joaquin Valley Cannot Afford To Not Build HSR
California High Speed Rail Blog

Senate To Begin Action On Two-Year Transportation Bill
National League Of Cities

Stretch of 405 To Be Closed Next Week
Orange County Register

Union Pacific Voices Major Objections To Bullet-Train Plans: The Powerful Rail Firm Says The Central Valley Route Raises Serious Safety Issues, Disregards The Company's Property Rights And Would Disrupt Its Freight OperationLos Angeles Times
USC Has Big Plans For Retail At Mixed-Use Village Development
Blog Downtown

What Can The LA And Long Beach Freight Industry Learn From The Infamous Tuskegee Experiment?
Natural Resources Defense Council Switchboard Blog

What's In A Metro Station Name? ("The Metro board on Thursday directed staff members to rename five stations along the system's Blue, Green, and Expo light rail lines...Changing names doesn't come cheap. The cost for sign replacement begins at more than $100,000 and could reach nearly $600,000 (depending on the station's size and location). And more than station signage will have to be replaced. Recorded announcements on trains will have to be redubbed. Published maps and in-station map displays will have to be updated. Websites and automated telephone messages will have to be changed.")

Why Are Bikes Being Targeted By Congress?

Why Create An Infrastructure Bank When We Could Just Expand TIFIA?
StreetsBlog DC

Why Did Some Streetcars Survive When Most Didn't?
The Atlantic: Cities

Why Tokyo's Privately Owned Rail Systems Work So Well
The Atlantic: Cities

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