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MTA Audit, Union Station Plan, CA Transportation Problems, LA Cycling, Fare Cards, Drilling For Roads & More

9 Non-Ugly Bus Terminals
The Atlantic: Cities

Another GOP Transportation Proposal That's Really All About Oil Drilling
StreetsBlog DC

Are Fuel-Cell Big Rigs The Future Of Trucking?
Whittier Daily News

Audit Faults MTA For Lack Of Planning: U.S. Says The Transit Agency Failed To Consider The Effect Of Eliminating Bus Lines, Adding Services Or Changing Fares. Review Finds Problems In Communicating With Those Who Don't Speak English
Los Angeles Times

Blind Spot: DOT Not Tracking Highway Overruns, Delays
Federal Times

California's Quiet Transportation Problems ("In 2003, the California Department of Transportation identified $28.5 billion in needed upgrades to the state highway system over the next five years. By 2008 (the same year voters approved high-speed rail), that figure had almost exactly doubled to $56.5 billion. In its 2010 annual report, the California Transportation Commission found that $37 billion in local road projects waited to be funded with no money in sight, expected to grow to $79 billion by 2033.")
Public CEO

Can "Flexible Routes" Solve The Challenge Of Serving Low Density?
Human Transit

Editorial: Has The Time Come To Derail High-Speed Rail? No Way
Sacramento Bee

An Encyclopedia Of Land Use Codes (The Codes Project at Arizona State University is a website featuring links to and information about dozens of city codes from throughout history)
The Atlantic: Cities

Fare Jumpers, Meet Your Russian Nemesis: Moscow Subway Deploys Innovative Transit Turnstiles To Deter Farejumpers
Transport Gooru

The Future Of Transit Fare Cards Is No Fare Card At All ("Open payments is considered the next stage in the evolution of fare media - a step up from the advent of reloadable proprietary cards issued by transit agencies...[Chicago Transit Authority] will save $5 million a year because it will no longer have to issue and administer fare media.")
The Atlantic: Cities

Imagining A City Without Its Public Transportation
The Atlantic: Cities

In RC, Completed Trail Also Has Sailboats (Rancho Cucamonga)
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

LA County Metro Delays Bus Schedule Changes Until Spring
Southern California Public Radio

L.A. Cycling Enthusiasts Peddling Citywide Plan
Daily Breeze

Patricia Hu, Director, Bureau Of Transportation Statistics; John Horsley, AASHTO (video : segment linked at right under "Video Playlist" : "What makes up the nation’s transportation infrastructure system. Topics include highways, roads and bridges, rail, waterways, oil and gas pipelines and freight volume and traffic. We will also examine the condition of the nation’s infrastructure, the amount of government money spent on it, and current policy debates about it.")
C-SPAN Washington Journal

Plans For SaMo Airport's Future Pit Bureaucrat vs. Bureaucrat
Curbed LA

Results Are In: Cycling Is On The Rise In Los Angeles!
Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition

Santa Monica Tries To Figure Out What To Do When Bergamot Station Becomes A Train Station Again
Santa Monica Residents Look At Bergamot Station Options
Santa Monica Daily Press

Some Good Bicycle News -- From Culver City And Mar Vista
L.A. Eco-Village Blog

Some See Flaws In L.A. Bike Plan
Los Angeles Daily News

Study Finds That There Are More And More Bikers In LA
Curbed LA

Surprise! Transit In The U.S. Gets Just As Many Subsidies As Transit In Europe!

Sustainable Public Transportation: Environmentally Friendly Mobility (21p. PDF)
Transit Cooperative Research Program

Transit Users Await Congressional Action On Pretax Benefits
Washington Post

Transportation Authority Pledges $772 Million For BART Extension (BART will extend to San Jose)
Milpitas Patch

Union Station Panel Says Area Could Be Downtown's Next South Park
Blog Downtown

U.S. Infrastructure Is In Dire Straits, Report Says
New York Times

Ventura County To Get Expanded Bus Services By 2025
Ventura County Star

Will California Solve Problems Or Quit?
California High Speed Rail Blog

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