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60 Freeway To Be Closed "Into The Weekend" As Bridge Demolished
Los Angeles Times

Are Streetcars The Answer To our Transit And Environmental Needs? ("The streetcar system came to an unfortunate end in 1954, when the last trolleys were pulled from the streets and replaced with buses financed by General Motors. In the conversion process, the transit system was defrauded by company executives and mobsters, several of whom went to jail.")
Minnesota Post

Battlefield L.A.: Where & Why War Came To Southern California
LA As Subject via KCET

Behold: Metro ExpressLanes Congestion Pricing Transponder!
Curbed LA

A Blueprint For Beating Traffic (successful congestion pricing project)
The Atlantic: Cities

Breaking News: High Speed Rail Designed To Achieve High Speeds (Response to yesterday's critical Los Angeles Times article)
California High Speed Rail Blog

The Bullet-Train Misfire ("It's not easy to sell a major infrastructure investment in the fourth year of a bad economy. If California and other states want to reap the potential economic and environmental benefits of high-speed rail, there's very little margin for error.")

Bullet Train's Travel-Time Mandate Adds To Ballooning Of Costs ("The ballot measure for the project required that the L.A.-to-San Francisco trip take no more than two hours, 40 minutes. Achieving that would mean building more viaducts and tunnels, which are costly.")
Los Angeles Times

Bus Riders Suffer As City Builds Rails
USC Annenberg Neon Tommy

California High-Speed Rail Going Without Statewide PR Contract
Sacramento Bee

The Case For Congestion ("This doesn’t mean that cities should strive for congestion, but they should recognize that traffic is often a sign of dynamism. Moving vehicular traffic is obviously a necessary function, but by making it the only goal, cities lose out on the economic potential created by the crowds of people that bring life to a city.")
The Atlantic: Cities

Downtown Parking Lot Maps (Aerial photographs of many U.S. cities show just how much of our urban centers are dedicated to parking. The visuals may be surprising)
Skyscraper Page

Feds Urge States To Ban Texting, Talking On Roads
Associated Press

Filling The Gap: Chandler Blvd. Bike Lanes Coming Soon
LADOT Bike Blog

Free Holiday Rides On Metro
Los Angeles Downtown News

High Speed Rail Authority Set To Extend Comment Period On New Business Plan
San Francisco Examiner

L.A., Metrolink Work Toward Bike-Friendly City
USC Annenberg Neon Tommy

Light Rail & Streetcar Conference (November 11-13, 2012 : Salt Lake City)
APTA / U.S. Transportation Research Board

Manhattan Beach Trolley Talks Trail On
Easy Reader News

Metro Ignores Bus Riders, Mayor Ignores Housing Authority, Council Members Ignore Reality

Metro vs. Reason: Agency Calls Foundation's Light Rail Slam "Factually Challenged"

A More Perfect Union Station: D.C.'s Train Station Is A Mess. Again (Proposals for improved pedestrian access)
Washington City Paper

New And Powerful Transportation Research Tool: Metro Library Launches Robust Catalog Portal
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Policy In Motion: Transportation Planning In California After AB 32
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Rail Outlook 2012: Passenger Rail (Executives from transit systems around the nation, including LACMTA, explain what they see for the coming year)
Progressive Railroading

Rep. Waters Seeks Westchester Stop On Crenshaw Light-Rail Line
Daily Breeze

Senate Commerce Committee Sets The Standard For Transpo Performance
StreetsBlog DC

Senate Committee Takes Positive Steps For Freight, Multimodalism, Performance And Safer Streets
Transportation For America

Subway Swipe Peddlers Aren't Stealing From The [N.Y.] MTA, New York Court Of Appeals Rules ("The court indicated a lesser charge — unauthorized sale of MTA services — would be more appropriate.")
New York Daily News

TriMet Says Crackdown On Fare Cheats Is A Success, Even If It Hasn't Quite Paid For Itself Yet

Urban Land Institute Celebrates 75 Years Of Leadership In Community Building: December 14 Proclaimed "ULI Day" By Mayors, City Council Members In More Than 30 Cities ("Established in Chicago on December 14, 1936, ULI was created to research, analyze, and encourage responsible patterns for long-term urban growth, and to conduct inquiries into what constitutes sound real estate development projects and practices. Starting with about 200 developers based in the U.S., the institute’s membership grew incrementally, and ULI now has nearly 30,000 members worldwide, with 51 district councils in the U.S., 16 national councils in Europe and Asia, and primary offices in Washington, D.C., London and Hong Kong.")
Urban Land Institute Press Release

U.S. To Award Up To $527 Million For Infrastructure

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