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42% Of L.A. Sidewalks Await Repairs: Los Angeles' Backlog Of Sidewalk Repairs Could Cost Up To $1.6 Billion And, At The Current Rate, Take Nearly 70 Years. The City Considers Handing The Responsibility To Property Owners
Los Angeles Times

$100 Billion Bullet Train: Democrats Fray As Cost Skyrockets, Feds Bail, And Amtrak Starts To Look Good
LA Weekly

Accessible Train Station Design For Disabled People: A Code Of Practice (313p. PDF)
U.K. Department Of Transport / Transport Scotland

Another Inroad For Los Angeles Cyclists: Spring Street Green Lane
("Los Angeles' Spring Street green lane is only 1.5 miles for now, but hopefully it's leading to a more bike-friendly future.")
Los Angeles Times

Are Bicycle-Pedestrian Projects Banned From The 2012 TIGER IV Program?
Transportation Issues Daily
Did TIGER I Overspend On Bicycle-Pedestrian Projects?
Transportation Issues Daily

Are City Buses Making Us Sick? ("Using data from the initiative, researchers noticed an "increased linear relationship" between TB incidence and time onboard a Houston bus.")
The Atlantic: Cities

California Bullet Train Project Advances Amid Cries Of Boondoggle ("For many Californians, struggling through a bleak era that has led some people to wonder if the state’s golden days are behind it, this project goes to the heart of the state’s pioneering spirit, recalling grand public investments in universities, water systems, roads and parks that once defined California as the leading edge of the nation.")
New York Times

Caltrans Plans To Widen 5 Freeway
Downey Patriot

Can America Afford Not To Bike More?
StreetsBlog Network

Commerce Opposes Planned Truck-Only Lanes On The 60 Freeway
EGP News

Congress, States Debate Heavier Trucks
Fox News

County Gas Prices Are Lowest Since August
Agoura Hills Patch

Double-Digit Drop In Passenger Volume At ONT
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

Final Rule Banning Hand-Held Cell Phone, Texting Released ("A final rule specifically prohibiting interstate truck and bus drivers from using hand-held cell phones while operating their vehicles.")
Metro Magazine

Framework And Tools For Estimating Benefits Of Specific Weight Network Investments (133p. PDF)
National Cooperative Freight Research Program

Funding Rejected By GOP Governors Keeps Obama's Rail Plans On Track
The Hill

High Speed Rail As Touchstone For California's Future
California High Speed Rail Blog

High-Speed Train To Vegas Takes Another Step, Utah Looks To Connect
High-Speed Rail From Salt Lake To Vegas: Long Shot Or Good Bet?
Salt Lake Tribune

How Should We Design The Cities Of The Dreams? ("America’s urban reboot is in full swing. The awe-inspiring mega-projects — the High Lines and the Subways to the Sea — are being held up as a sign that cities are back.")

HUD Awards Bring "Bittersweet" End To Sustainability Program
StreetsBlog DC

In A Holding Pattern For Decades, LAX Development Gains Traction: Plans To Develop Parks, Educational Centers, Shopping Areas And Offices On The Northern End Of LAX Are Being Resurrected, This Time With Support From The Airport's Neighbors
Los Angeles Times

In Transit-First San Francisco, Cars Still Rule The Road
San Francisco Examiner

Innovations: State DOT And Transit Agency Partner To Ease Congestion, Increase Transit Use
Transportation Issues Daily

LAX: Airport Seeks Public Input On Northside Property

Monday Expected To Be Biggest Travel Day At LAX ("About 167,000 people will pass through the airport...Total LAX travel numbers are up 16 percent over the recession-depressed figures of last year.")
Studio City Patch

Muni Financing Debacle Could Cost SF $68 Million: Slow-Moving, But Far-Reaching Effects Of 2008 Financial Crisis Stands To Drain City Coffers ("San Francisco’s transit agency was among many that seized on an early-2000s boom in public-infrastructure tax shelters, in which banks and other investors gave millions of dollars in cash up front to the agencies in return for the right to claim tax breaks in subsequent years for wear-and-tear on the equipment.")
Bay Citizen

New City Program Aims To Turn Foreclosed Home Sites Into Parks
Los Angeles Daily News

Obama Administration Issues Vote Of Confidence On California High-Speed Rail
Huffington Post

OccupyLA Plans To Resist Monday Eviction ("The so-called Raid Committee discussed plans for all those who avoid getting arrested to gather less than a mile away at Union Station.")
USC Annenberg Neon Tommy

Opinion: The Death Of The Fringe Suburb ("The cities and inner-ring suburbs that will be the foundation of the recovery require significant investment at a time of government retrenchment. Bus and light-rail systems, bike lanes and pedestrian improvements — what traffic engineers dismissively call “alternative transportation” — are vital. So is the repair of infrastructure like roads and bridges. Places as diverse as Los Angeles, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Dallas, Charlotte, Denver and Washington have recently voted to pay for “alternative transportation,” mindful of the dividends to be reaped.")
New York Times

Planning For Future Gold Line Station, La Verne Limits New Developments In Area
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Rosendahl Seeks Support For Hindry Avenue Station Via Online Petition

Stuck With A True Case Of Congestion: A Team Of Texas Traffic Researchers Confirms What Many L.A. Motorists Have Long Suspected -- The Northbound Stretch Of Interstate 110 Between I-10 And Stadium Way Is The Most Congested In The Nation
Los Angeles Times

Take A Ride Down The Spring Street Bike Lane, No Bike Required (44 photos of downtown's new green bike lanes)
Curbed LA

Train Recycles Braking Energy To Power Other Trains
Earth And Industry

Vista Hermosa Natural Park: Exploring Downtown's Newest Open Space ("When the ten-acre park opened in 2008, it was the first new park in downtown Los Angeles in more than one hundred years...The [Santa Monica Mountains] Conservancy offers a free monthly bus shuttle service from the park to the Santa Monica Mountains.")

Waving California Goodbye: More People Are Moving Out Of The State Than Are Moving In. It's The Economy, Of Course, Especially Housing Costs
Los Angeles Times

Wilshire BRT And El Monte Busway Improvements Coming...In 2015
StreetsBlog LA

The World's Most Beautiful Train Stations (Los Angeles' Union Station makes this short list)
The Atlantic: Cities

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