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Expo Bikes, Sidewalk Bikes, Clean Trucks, Crenshaw-LAX, CAHSR, Transit App For Blind, Spring Street: 1899 & More

Bay Area Transportation Projects To Be Judged On Benefits vs. Costs
Silicon Valley Mercury News

Bicycling On Los Angeles' Spring Street...In 1899! ("The bright green paint on Spring Street’s new bike lane may be fresh, but bicycles have long been a presence on the road. In this photo taken circa 1899, cyclists ride north on Spring near 8th.")
USC Libraries

Boris Johnson Sticks By Gluing Pollution to Roads ("For the past few months a fleet of specially adapted gritting lorries has been spraying adhesive on some of London's pollution hotspots in the middle of the night. The idea has been that the calcium-based solution will stick pollution in the air to the road.")

Boyle Heights Bike Lanes Go Green
Mis Neighbors: A Boyle Heights Blog

Bus App For Blind Developed At UW ("A University of Washington student developed One Bus Away. Now students and researchers at UW's Department of Computer Science and Engineering are building a transit app that talks to the blind, telling them where a stop is located and what they can expect to find when they get there.")

Bye Bye Curbs: Safer Streets In The UK Mix Cars And People
StreetsBlog Network

California High-Speed Rail Gets Almost $1 Billion In 2010 Grants
Business Week

Congressional Republicans Want To Take Back High-Speed Rail Funds: California's Jeff Denham And Kevin McCarthy Argue That The Project Is Deeply Flawed. They Want As Much As $3.3 Billion In Federal Grants Held Back
Los Angeles Times

Crenshaw-LAX: Closing The Westside Gap

Does High Speed Rail Have A Future In The US?
Sustainable Cities Collective
State Listings (Write-up of high-speed rail status for every state in the nation)

The Expo Station That Wasn't -- Or Won't Be
Culver City Bicycle Coalition

Feds Ax High-Speed Funding, Approve Vegas Train Right Of Way
Curbed LA

Feds Make Nearly $1 Billion Grant For Central Valley High-Speed Rail
Central Valley Business Times

For Once, The Federal Government Gets Sustainability Right
The Atlantic: Cities

Guide To Improving Capability For Systems Operations And Management (60p. PDF)
Strategic Highway Research Program

L.A. Council Wants To Clear Up When Cyclists Can Use Sidewalks
Los Angeles Times

LA-LB Clean Emission Program To Remove 280 Trucks
Journal Of Commerce

L.A.'s Controller Silent On Mayor's Proposed Use Of Measure R Funds

Mapping The Consequences Of Our Automobile Addiction
StreetsBlog DC

Metro Still Won't Set Opening Date For Expo Line

Opinion: Lessons In Transit Innovation
New York Times

Port Planning To Offer Incentives To Shippers Who Reduce Emissions
Daily Breeze

Rejected Rail Funding Becomes California's Gain ("High-speed rail funding rejected by Florida Gov. Rick Scott officially became California’s gain Tuesday as the Department of Transportation granted nearly $1 billion to the California High-Speed Rail Authority.")

San Francisco May Charge Businesses For Free Parking Spots
San Francisco Examiner

Urban Sprawl (Board game : "Urban Sprawl abstractly models the growth of a town into a teeming metropolis. Players assume the roles of entrepreneur, tycoon and politician — each helping in the development of a hypothetical “Anywhere, USA.”)
GMT Games

What Will The Senate Bill's Transit Section Look Like?
StreetsBlog DC

When It Rains In Los Angeles, Do Canoes Get To Use The Carpool Lane?
Natural Resources Defense Council Switchboard Blog

Zoning At 85 ("This year marks the 85th anniversary of the landmark United States Supreme Court case Euclid v Ambler Realty, which upheld the basic constitutionality of local zoning. Given the current debate between liberals and conservatives about the appropriate role of regulation in shaping our economy and our communities, it seems timely to ask the question: do we still need zoning?")
Urban Land Institute

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