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Can Taxing trucks By The Mile Help Save Transportation Funding?

Dutch Bikeway Design Experts Ride Into L.A. To Host "ThinkBike Los Angeles"

Editorial: Brown Must Be Bold To Bolster High-Speed Rail
Sacramento Bee

From Fuel Taxes To Mileage-Based User Fees: Rationale, Technology, And Transitional Issues
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Getting The Reporting Right On HSR Cost Estimates
California High Speed Rail Blog

The Great Stadium Shuffle: Cities And Architects Across California Jockey For Major Football Projects (transit and transportation interface discussed)
Architect's Newspaper

How Many Fans Would Take Transit To A Football Game? ("Is car-happy Los Angeles capable of envisioning a future where three-quarters of football fans arrive at Farmers Field via transit?")
Blog Downtown

Impacts Of Public Policy On The Freight Transportation System (114p. PDF)
National Cooperative Freight Research Program

Metro's The Source Wins First Place ("For 2011, Metro's The Source takes First place in Group 3 of APTA's 2011 Annual AdWheel Awards competition for the Social Media - Blogs category.")
Plus Metro

Need A Parking Space? Look In Your Hand

New Legislation Seeks To Lower Voter Threshold For Transit Tax Approval
StreetsBlog LA

New Road Signs Will Now Wait ("The administration plans to issue a proposal Tuesday to eliminate dozens of deadlines for replacing traffic signs to comply with safety standards initiated under the Bush administration, saying that communities should not be forced to install the new signs until the old ones wear out.")
New York Times

No Public Transit? No Job

SB 375 Draws Ire Of Tea Party ("While the Tea Party movement has been trying to “take back America” on the national stage since the election of Barack Obama, Tea Party activists have also turned their attention to taking back California – and, specifically, Senate Bill 375, the 2008 law that seeks to combat climate change by promoting density in the state’s metro regions.")
California Planning & Development Report

Senator Boxer Touts Clean Energy, Transportation In Santa Clarita
Southern California Public Radio

Well That's A Relief: Hurricane Irene Shouldn't Affect Gas Prices Much
StreetsBlog DC

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