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Avoid Mulholland Bridge, MTA Urges: With Schools Reopening, Transportation Authorities Urge Motorists To Use Alternative Routes To Ease Traffic Crunch During Bridge Construction Work
Sherman Oaks Patch

Can Getaround Convince People To Rent Their Cars To Strangers? ("Car sharing isn't new, but what if it was your car that was being shared? A new crop of peer-to-peer hourly car rental companies are popping up--can they gain traction?")
Fast Company

Checking Out Local Fauna With A 15-Year-Old Birding Expert (audio : "Jose spends his summers scoping out Los Angeles' top birding destinations, and he does it all using public transit.")
Southern California Public Radio

Institute Of Transportation Engineers

Human Transit

Guardian (U.K.)


Green Line To LAX Picture Coming Into Focus


An Opportunity We Can't Afford To Miss? ("Our infrastructure is crumbling, and we know we’ll have to rebuild it in the coming years. Why do it later, when it will cost us more and we very likely won’t have massive unemployment in the construction sector, as opposed to now, when the market will pay us to invest in our infrastructure and we have an unemployment crisis to address?")
Washington Post

SFMTA Tries New Bike Lane Treatments To Keep Cyclists Clear Of Door Zone
StreetsBlog SF

Beverly Hills Courier

Villaraigosa Lobbies Washington With Jobs Plan: The Los Angeles Mayor Wants To Give Local Workers An Advantage In Winning Some Of The 166,000 Jobs Expected From Transportation Projects ("Federal rules prohibit local hiring preferences on federally funded transportation projects, under the premise that all U.S. taxpayers help to pay for the work and should have an equal shot at getting the jobs. The rule also stems from concern that making local hiring a factor in awarding contracts will increase the cost of projects. But with Washington jittery about unemployment heading into an election year, the mayor has received a positive signal from the administration. Hovering at 12%, California's unemployment rate is the second highest in the nation.")
Los Angeles Times

The Hill

Daily Breeze

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