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Chamber Needs To Dig Deeper For Subway Facts ("Advocates for a station at Constellation Boulevard and Avenue of the Stars never want to acknowledge or talk about the actual facts and findings contained in the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Draft Environmental Impact Report. That’s because that document concludes that a station one block away at Santa Monica Boulevard – less than a three-minute walk from the Constellation stop – would cost at least $60 million less to build and serve about 5 percent more riders, all without having to take the unprecedented risk of tunneling under a high school!")
Los Angeles Business Journal

Civil Rights Group Demands End To Car-Centric Transportation Policies
StreetsBlog DC

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How We Travel: A Sustainable National Program For Travel Data
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Lessons On How To Compete For A USDOT TIGER Grant (22p. PDF : presentation from a webinar held last month)


Contra Costa Times

Name That Los Angeles Neighborhood! ("You’re standing at the intersection of Wilshire and Highland. What neighborhood are you in? The sign on the corner says you’re somewhere called Brookside. The sign on the other corner says you’re in Park Mile. The sign a block away, in full view of the other signs, says you’re in Sycamore Square. Google Maps doesn’t mention any of these. Google Maps calls this neighborhood Dockweiler....There's a neighborhood called West Los Angeles. West Los Angeles is not to be mixed up with the Westside of Los Angeles, which includes everything west of Hollywood, including West Hollywood, which isn’t part of Hollywood because Hollywood is part of Los Angeles and West Hollywood is its own city...")

Curbed LA

America THINKS 2011 Corridors Of The Future Survey


Progressive Railroading

Southern California Public Radio

Los Angeles Times

Transportation Battle On The Congressional Horizon
Southern California Public Radio

The Economist

Progressive Railroading

Video Surveillance Uses By Rail Transit Agencies (91p. PDF)
U.S. Transit Cooperative Research Program Synthesis Report

Human Transit

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