Metro's Green Construction, CAHSR, Beverly Hills Subway, Gas Tax, Gold Line, LA Streetcars In The Sea & More

10 Busiest Junctions In The World (Two Los Angeles interchanges make the list which includes impressive photos)

San Francisco Examiner

Los Angeles Times


City Ready To Break Ground On Spring Street Park: Historic Core Facility Slated To Open In Late 2012
Los Angeles Downtown News

Curbed LA


StreetsBlog LA

Washington Post

CNN Money


Guidebook For Conducting Local Hazardous Materials Commodity Flow Studies (184p. PDF)
Hazard Materials Cooperative Research Program

LA Light (Photographer Colin Rich created this mesmerizing video of the endless urban fabric of Los Angeles at night)
Colin Rich via Vimeo
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

StreetsBlog LA


Opinion: The Great High-Speed Rail Lie ("Big oil and aviation can't attack high-speed rail directly - that would be an obvious attempt to abort competition. So they hire a "think tank.")
San Francisco Chronicle

The City Fix

Los Angeles Times


Streetcar In The Sea Update: More About The 1950s "Transit Reefs" Of Los Angeles
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Tech And The City ("Today if you want to voice your concerns to local officials, you can often do so remotely, from your laptop or cell phone. Websites, social media, call centers, and services that receive and respond to mobile text messages are becoming common means of communicating with the powers that be. With so many new avenues to reach municipal governments, the podium is increasingly irrelevant. In fact, the digitization and dispersion of the public-participation process is in such demand that some cities have created positions for technology chiefs to oversee the systems that connect the government to its people.")
Design Mind

Natural Resources Defense Council Switchboard Blog

LA Weekly

U.S. Transportation Research Board

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