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Monrovia Gold Line Yard, Metro Parking vs. Ridership, Car Mageddon, Regional Connector, Walkability & More

50 Motorists Cited For Rail Crossing Violations
Glendale News-Press

710 Bill Gets Major Overhaul: SR 710 Bill Now Refers To Vehicle Checkpoints
South Pasadena Patch

Amtrak Privatization Debate Continues

Bill Would Mandate Repayment Of Federal Money In Privatizations
Wall Street Journal

Caltrans-Owned Homes Get Costly New Roofs: Roofs Installed On More Than 30 Pasadena-Area Homes Cost Taxpayers An Average Of $71,000 -- Far Higher Than A Typical Homeowner Would Pay. Caltrans Has Owned The Properties For Decades, Awaiting A Freeway Extension
Los Angeles Times

Car Mageddon (A 405 Shutdown "survival guide" has popped up on Twitter, including a link to its own fancy countdown clock and Facebook page)
via Twitter

Downtown Culver City Parking Lot Looking Sexy To Developers ("Recommendations for the project site include...access to the Washington/National Expo Line light rail station.")
Curbed LA

Editorial: Monrovia Must Cut Deal For The Gold Line Yard
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Editorial: Time For A Football Stadium Deal: With Jobs, Tax Revenue And The Revitalization Of A Public Asset On The Line, The Los Angeles City Council Should Quit Dawdling And Allow The Project To Move Forward
Los Angeles Times

Intermodal Traffic Hits 2011 High
Journal Of Commerce

LA Metro Parking And Ridership (analysis of parking spaces per boardings of major Metro rail lines)
Straight Outta Suburbia

Land Tussle Could Delay Azusa Rail By Two Years
Beverly Hills Courier

Livability Trend Puts Walking Expert In Demand (Southern California expert is considered a guru for street improvement and improving pedestrian safety and walkability)
Associated Press

Lynwood Hopes To Receive State Grant For Linear Park Project (“The entire strip has the potential to go all the way to Long Beach Boulevard, which is one of our goals. If we can make that happen, then we can truly connect our transit station and our commercial corridors with the rest of the city.”)
Los Angeles Wave

Mass Transit: From The Holey Snail To The Holy Grail

Metro Officials Set Meetings On Plans For L.A. Train Tunnel (Downtown Regional Connector)
Long Beach Press-Telegram

More Regional Connector Meetings
Los Angeles Downtown News

Open House In Fontana Will Offer Information About Proposed High-Speed Rail System In Southern California
Fontana Herald News

Opinion: Rebuild American Instrastructure? Companies' Offshore Profits Can Help
Washington Post

Reliability Project L01: A Guide To Improving Travel Time Reliability By Integrating Business Processes (4p. PDF)
U.S. Transportation Research Board Strategic Highway Research Program

Reconnecting America

Senate Introduces Fix-It-First Bill To Save Crumbling U.S. Roads

SGV Council Of Governments Board Member Says Removal Of Executive Director Might Be Best For Agency
Pasadena Star-News

Stadium Groups Tout Business Backing, Economic Impact
Blog Downtown

Step Back In Time With The Santa Fe Depot Tour
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Think Big: Transportation Overhaul Would Save Money, Create Jobs, Cut Pollution, Burn Less Oil ("Our transportation infrastructure is not merely plagued with antique equipment and battered pavement. Shaky old ideas predominate as well. In spite of the obvious purpose of transportation—connecting human beings, goods and services—we have allowed inefficiency, gridlock, lethal pollution and fiscal insustainability to rule the day.")
Daily Kos

TRB 2011 Transportation Hazards And Security Summit: Looking Beyond The 10th Anniversary Of 9/11 (Irvine : August 22-25, 2011)
U.S. Transportation Research Board

Transit Agency Weighs A Digital Upgrade For Aging Subway Cars
New York Times