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Metro Service Changes, Colton Crossing, 405 Closure, Farmers Field Transit, I-5 Project, Transpo Taxes & More

25 Senators Demand Robust Transit Funding (but not Boxer or Feinstein?)
StreetsBlog DC

Bill Ford: A Future Beyond Traffic Gridlock (video : "Bill Ford is a car guy -- his great-grandfather was Henry Ford, and he grew up inside the massive Ford Motor Co. So when he worries about cars' impact on the environment, and about our growing global gridlock problem, it's worth a listen. His vision for the future of mobility includes "smart roads," even smarter public transport and going green like never before.")
TED Talks

Colton Crossing Funding In Jeopardy
Inland News Today

Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. Plans For Future Growth
Santa Monica Lookout

Hospitals Worry Employees Won't Be Able To Get [To] Work During 405 Freeway Closure
Los Angeles Times

How To Board A Train That Doesn't Stop
(Yesterday, we brought you news of the design for passengers passing between high-speed and local rail without the trains stopping. Today, another novel idea, this time from China: boarding a train from a platform without the train stopping)
via YouTube

The Infrastructure Bank As Political Cover

Interchange Project Will Help Unclog I-5
Orange County Register

Making The Case For Investment In The Walking Environment: A Review Of The Evidence (77p. PDF)
Living Streets

Metro Service Changes Take Effect This Sunday
StreetsBlog LA

Metro To Cut Bus Lines Over Weekend
Los Angeles Wave

Mia Lehrer On What LA's Parks Will Look Like In 2031 And More
Curbed LA

Mineta Transportation Institute Survey: Will Americans Support Federal Transportation Tax Options?
PR Newswire
What Do Americans Think About Federal Transportation Tax Options?: Results From Year 2 Of A National Survey (70p. PDF)
Mineta Transportation Institute

MTA Expanding Service During 405 Closure
My Fox LA

New Downtown Bike Plan: Lanes From Civic Center To South Park
Curbed LA

Policy Options For Reducing Energy Use And Greenhouse Gas Emissions From U.S. Transportation (162p. PDF)
U.S. Transportation Research Board Special Report

President Of The United States, Conference Of Mayors [Support] Federal Safe Routes To School Funding
Safe Routes To School California

Seamless Journeys From Door To Door (7p. PDF : "If public transport is to offer a real and attractive alternative to cars, it needs to offer the same kind of door-to-door service that cars do.")
Better Transport (U.K.)

Sierra Club Pushes For Transit Plan For Farmer's Field ("Pico Station currently: A 20 year old station that looks like it's 50 years old"..."If you’re looking for a vision for a sustainable transportation plan for the Downtown Stadium, you shouldn’t look to politicians or even AEG executives. A group of Sierra Club activists, led by Jerard Wright Angeles Chapter Transportation Committee Co-Chair, have outlined a transportation plan that would fulfill AEG’s claims that Farmers Field will encourage more sustainable transportation options than a rival stadium plan in the suburban City of Industry.")
StreetsBlog LA
Farmers Field And the Pico Metro Rail Station Improvement (16p. PDF)
Sierra Club Angeles Chapter Transportation Committee

South Bay To Receive $176M For Freeway, Road Improvement Projects
Daily Breeze

Southeast Cities Advocate To Stay Together: That Includes Bell Gardens ("The southeast cities have worked together on public safety and transportation issues, such as the projects on the 710 Freeway, the Long Beach corridor and the Alameda Corrdors, so there is a good partnership there.")
EGP News

Synthesis Of Literature Relating To Cellular Telephone/Personal Digital Assistant Use In Commercial Truck And Bus Operations (32p. PDF)
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Van Nuys Airport Seeks "Local Control" As Panel Wants Independent Body To Oversee Facility
Los Angeles Daily News

Wider I-710 Bridge Through Commerce Could Affect Bandini Park
EGP News

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