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Around The Halls: North Spring Street Viaduct, Streetcar Funding, Expo Improvements
Blog Downtown

Bev Hills School District Tries New Tack To Get Its Way On Subway
Curbed LA

Bike Rides In Balance: Claremont Gives Cyclists Their Way

Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

Bob Hope Airport Officials Go Back To Drawing Board On Transit Center: Officials Look To Scale Back Bob Hope Airport Transit Center Plans After Construction Bids Come In Much Higher Than Anticipated

Los Angeles Times

Can The Private Sector Close The Gap In Suburban Transit?
("For those unfamiliar with them, jitneys are shared taxis running on fixed routes. They occupy a middle ground between buses and taxicabs, with the ability to divert somewhat from their routes to provide door-to-door service. They arose in Los Angeles in 1914 and quickly spread across the country, but generated enough opposition from private streetcar companies that most cities and states had banned them by 1920.")
New Republic

China's New Bullet Trains Plan To Challenge Airlines
Business Report

Cost-Effective Connection Details For Highway Sign, Luminaire, And Traffic Signal Structures (236p. PDF web-only document)
TRB National Cooperative Highway Research Program

Could Focusing On Repairs Please Everyone?
("Could a focus--mandated from Congress--on repair and maintenance, instead of new construction, reduce the cost of a surface-transportation bill such that the legislating process could begin in earnest? Would Republicans and Democrats embrace that idea equally? What are the drawbacks? Why does maintenance get ignored by states and cities? What is the appropriate role for new construction in a tight budget situation?")
National Journal Transportation Expert Blogs

Disneyland's Alweg Monorail: Walt Disney's Highway In The Sky

Emergency Responders Prepare For 405 Freeway Closure: Extra Firefighters And Paramedics As Well As Additional Buses And Free Rides On The Red Line Are Planned During Mid-July Weekend
Encino Patch

Emerging Technologies Applicable To Hazardous Materials Transportation Safety And Security
(133p. PDF)
Transportation Research Board Hazardous Materials Cooperative Research Program

Endangered Westwood FlyAway LAX Shuttle Route Granted 2-Week Reprieve

Daily Breeze

If You Know How Mass Transit Can Adapt To Climate Change, The FTA Has A Check For You


Los Angeles Leads Full-Throttle Dash For U.S. Transit Cash
("LA Metro sees a good omen in the fact that 67 percent of voters approved the sales tax increase to fund new projects. "You've got a whole sea change, a paradigm shift with Los Angeles being a car culture," said Roger Moliere, LA Metro's chief of real property management development. Rail has so far failed to "connect the dots," he said, between the area's six or seven downtowns in places like Century City, West Los Angeles and Santa Monica. "It's just now happening.")
New York Times

Motorists Warned About "Nightmare" Of 405 Closure: Northbound And Southbound Lanes Of The Freeway Will Be Closed For 53-Hours In July, Mainly For Demolition Work On The Mulholland Drive Bridge. Officials Are Asking People To Plan Ahead And Consider Alternate Routes
Los Angeles Times

Newest Attempt To Give Cities Power Over Speed Limits Gains Ground In Sacramento
StreetsBlog LA

NYC's Plaza Program: An Open Space Model For L.A.? (Janette Sadik-Khan)
StreetsBlog LA

Pomona Jockeys For Rail: High-Speed Train Route, Funding Are In Question

Contra Costa Times

Port Of Los Angeles Adopts 2011-2012 Fiscal Budget

Logistics Week
Port Of Los Angeles Proposed Annual Budget Fiscal Year 2011-2012 (24p. PDF)
City Of Los Angeles Harbor Department

Ride Along With Metro Chief Art Leahy (audio : "The latest installment in a transportation series with Metro chief Art Leahy, with updates on the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s plans for new highways, railways, and extensions of the existing Orange and Gold Lines. How will the Metro’s decisions to eliminate some bus lines and significantly reduce others affect its low-income ridership, which is expected to increase in light of rising gas prices? Whatever came of the controversy surrounding the construction of a new station in Leimert Park? And are you prepared for the temporary closing of the 405 freeway, July 16-17? Plus, check out the Metro’s new online bus-tracking service, NexTrip, and its revolutionary Spanish-language blog El Pasajero, which attempts to put a “Latino face on Metro.”)
Southern California Public Radio

The Shadow Government: With Little Public Oversight, The Organization That Invented The LEED System Is Remaking An Industry
Architecture Boston

South L.A. Still Fuming Over Metro Leimert Park / Crenshaw Subway Vote
StreetsBlog LA

Southland Gas Prices Drop For 31st Consecutive Day
Los Angeles Daily News

"Stay The Heck Out Of Here," Supervisor Warns, When Part Of 405 Freeway Closes In Mid-July

Los Angeles Times

A Subway Runs Through It: School District Officials Oppose Tunneling Under Beverly Hills High

Taking The Bars Off West L.A. Park ("Just as Metro is proving there are more ways to get around Los Angeles than by oneself in a car, join us in demonstrating that the business community recognizes that community means open space as well as shops, parking and public safety.")
Los Angeles Business Journal

Using Market Processes To Reform Government Transportation Programs: Report No. 1
Heritage Foundation

Why Building Roads Creates Traffic

Will Governor Or Assembly Stop Senate's Attack On High Speed Rail?

California High Speed Rail Blog

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