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9 Most Doom-y Official Statements About The July 405 Closure
Curbed LA

405 Freeway Closure Will Make July 16, 17 The "Carmageddon" Of Traffic Mayhem In Los Angeles ("The only good news: The Red Line subway from the Valley to Hollywood will be free of charge that weekend. The Metro's bus fleet, on the other hand, will continue to charge. Thus continuing the grand tradition of working-class bus riders getting screwed in L.A.")
LA Weekly

All Aboard! Student Art Finds Its Way To TransitTV
StreetsBlog LA
Out The Window ("What do you know about Los Angeles? Share your knowledge on Bus TV.")

County Approves Funding Agreement For Lenwood Bridge Project
("The bridge project is also considered part of the Alameda Corridor East, which is a national goods movement plan for moving freight from ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach to the rest of the nation.")
Desert Dispatch

Creating Pacific Coast Highway And Other Landmark Projects From 1924: Metro Library's New Collection Of Historic California Highway Commission Documents

Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Cul-De-Sacs Are Killing Us: Public Safety Lessons From Suburbia
StreetsBlog DC

Enabling Cost-Effective Multimodal Trip Planners Through Open Transit Data
(115p. PDF : Examines whether multimodal trip planners can be developed using open-source software and open data sources)
University Of South Florida National Center For Transit Research

Five Infographics On The Ripple Effects Of Gas Prices


L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Names Borja Leon As Transportation Deputy: Leon, 36, Said Part Of His New Emphasis Will Be To Help Push Congress To Adopt Villaraigosa's America Fast Forward Plan That Would Speed Construction Of Local Transit Projects, Including Those Approved By Voters

Los Angeles Times

L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa Issues Statement On City's Largest "Operation Pothole"

California Newswire

L.A. Traffic Cameras May Get The Red Light: Citing Costs And Safety Issues, The Police Commission Votes To Shut The Cameras Down. Unless The City Council Intervenes, Their Use At 32 Intersections Could End Within Weeks

Los Angeles Times

Labor And Environmentalists Unite To Push For Transportation Reforms

StreetsBlog DC
BlueGreen Alliance Calls For Transportation Reauthorization In 2011
BlueGreen Alliance Press Release
Policy Brief: National Policy On Transportation (2p. PDF)
BlueGreen Alliance

Light Rail "For Dummies?" (Transit blogger Jarrett Walker takes last week's Atlantic article and infographic to task)
Human Transit

Long Beach Unveils "Bicycle Business District" Program

Map Of Los Angeles And The San Gabriel Mountains, 1915
(An early map commissioned by the Automobile Club Of Southern California, which improved roads, standardized traffic laws, and promoted automobile accessibility)
Big Map Blog
Jumbo-Size Close-Up View (click here and spend some time exploring bygone outlying areas of Los Angeles such as Clearwater, Marion, Tropico, Lordsburg and others)

Mayor Villaraigosa Appoints Borja Leon As New Transportation Deputy
Los Angeles Daily News

Muni Cameras Cut Accident Rate By 50 Percent, Agency Says
("Installed in all 800 of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s buses in November 2009, the DriveCam is activated automatically by jarring events such as quick accelerations, the jerking of a wheel or the slamming of brakes. It’s mainly used for recording accidents, collisions and improper driving techniques.")
San Francisco Examiner

Officials To Address Safety Concerns At Downtown Station: Since The Introduction Of Metrolink's Express Service, The Downtown Station Has Seen An Increase In Use
Burbank Leader

Opinion: Case For High-Speed Rail Grows Only Stronger
(co-written by the mayors of Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, Fresno)
Sacramento Bee

Rideshare And Metrolink Aren't Just For The Daily Grind: Metrolink Trains And Ridesharing Offer Local Convenient Methods To Save Time, Money, And Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Walnut Patch

Ridesharing As An Alternative To Transportation Capacity Increases
Transport Politic

Rush Snack Bar Coming To 7th/Metro Subway Station In Downtown LA
Brigham Yen

Transportation Statistics Annual Report, 2010
(222p. PDF : This annual report presents and analyzes data on safety, the state of good repair of the U.S. transportation system, economic competitiveness, livable communities, passenger expenditures, and environmental sustainability, and explores how to improve transportation statistics)
U.S. DOT RITA Bureau Of Transportation Statistics
Press Release and Individual Chapters For Download

U.S. DOT Encourages Production Of Steel Streetcar Rails

Metro Magazine

Will Congestion Pricing Ever Catch On Here?

New Republic

Would You Like A Coffee With Your Bus Ticket? Presto!
("Commuters will eventually be able to pay for coffee and parking with the same Presto smartcard they use to pay their bus fares.")
Toronto Star

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