Obama Budget, Metrolink PTC, Multimodal Long Beach, MapQuest Transit, Streetcar Boom & More

All-American Streetcar Boom Fuels Urban Future

Analyst: PPPs Are Good For Transportation Infrastructure, Bad For Real Estate
American City & County
The Limitations Of Public-Private Partnerships: Recent Lessons From The Surface Transportation And Real Estate Sectors (32p. PDF)
Competitive Enterprise Institute

Building A Multi-Modal Downtown Long Beach
Long Beach Post

Buses vs. Rail: Conservatives Do Battle Over Which Mode Is Better
StreetsBlog DC

Businesses Not On Board With Bus Plan ("While local politicians say a high-speed bus line through [San Bernardino] will spur economic growth and reduce traffic congestion, some merchants affected by the project believe it will kill their business and worsen the problems it proposes to solve.")
Redlands Daily Facts

End Of The Line For Caltrain?: How Silicon Valley Could Fare If The West's Second Oldest Passenger Rail Line Were To Curtail Service
Palo Alto Online News

Fresno Releases First Draft Of HSR Station Plans
California High Speed Rail Blog

Get Involved In CicLAvia Expansion Eastward!

A Hidden Treasure Struggles In Los Angeles (LACMA has been contracted to care for Watts Towers after city layoffs. "It’s an international icon, but it’s a local blind spot.")
New York Times

House Republican Cuts Bypass Real Waste And Bash Merit-Based, Fuel-Saving Programs
Natural Resources Defense Council Switchboard Blog

MapQuest Joins Hopstop, Google, Offers Transit Directions
Transportation Nation
MapQuest Launches Pedestrian And Rail Transit Routing
AOL Press Release

More Inland Trains Will Increase Subsidy, Capital Costs ("Giving Riverside County residents more options for hopping on Metrolink trains will come at a hefty cost -- potentially $300 million.")
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Moving Beyond The Automobile
("Each Tuesday over the next ten weeks, tune in to Streetfilms as we'll be posting a new chapter about smart and proven strategies to reduce traffic and improve street safety for all users. We'll be tackling many fascinating topics in the next few months from "Bus Rapid Transit" to "Congestion Pricing" to "Car Share" to show how each can help people to use cars less -- or not at all.")

MTA Will Hold Series Of Meetings Seeking Resident Input On 710 Freeway Gap
Pasadena Star-News

NYC MTA Posts Bust Stop Numbers, Now You Can Text For Live Bus Information
Transportation Nation

Obama Budget Proposes $556B, Long-Term Transportation Bill
StreetsBlog DC

Obama's Budget To Call For Slashing Oil Tax Breaks, Boosting Clean Energy
The Hill

Olympic Transit Legacy A Mixed Result (Vancouver's once-soaring post-Olympics transit ridership has since dropped)

Opinion: High-Speed Rail Is A Fast Track To Government Waste
Washington Post

Opinion: It's Investment In People, Not High-Speed Rail That Will Keep America Competitive
FOX News

Opinion: Move Toward A Life With Fewer Wheels
Los Angeles Downtown News

Opinion: Runaway Trains: Obama's High-Speed Rail Plan Is A Fiscal Pipedream
Wall Street Journal

Parking "Credits" To Be Decided For Village By LA City Council
Los Feliz Ledger

Pelosi: We Have A Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Deficit
Transportation Nation

Positive Train Control: Metrolink's PTC Implementation Push
Progressive Railroading

Public Transit Operators: Driver Cellphone Detection Has Arrived ("In an ever expanding effort to keep public transportation safe, LA Metro [is launching] a unique system that reliably detects cell phone usage and provides instant video archiving upon detection.")
Passenger Transport

Public Transportation Key To Transforming Communities: Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker Talks About His City's Investment In Transit
U.S. News & World Report

Rail, Transpo Projects Face GOP Ax In Spending Bill
Transportation Nation

Rockefeller Foundation Survey: Americans Rank Transportation Needs High But Don't Want To Pay The Costs
Washington Post

San Bernardino: Santa Fe Depot Renovation Nearly Done
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Sorting Out Rail-Bus Differences: Endnotes
Human Transit

Sustainable Design: San Francisco's Transbay Transit Center (Expected to open in 2017 with a LEED Gold rating and 5-acre rooftop park)
American Society Of Landscape Architects' The Dirt Blog
A Very San Franciscan Transit Center (includes rendering and animation)
Metropolis Magazine
Transbay Transit Center (interactive project website)
Transbay Center

Vandalism Or Art?: Debate Over Graffiti Arises As An LA Tagging Crew Is Busted

VERDEXCHANGE Global Eco Cities Panel Explores Innovations In City Building
("In California, the carbon footprint is actually significantly based on transportation.")
Planning Report

#WMATA #FAIL: A Guide To [D.C.] Metro's Rough Life On Twitter