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Gold Line Groundbreaking Tomorrow, Renaming Pasadena Freeway, CicLAvia Route, Beverly Hills Tunneling & More

Arcadia Relocates Proposed Gold Line Station (to a more visible spot downtown)
Pasadena Star-News

Busway Linkage Obsession Puzzler
StreetsBlog LA

The Commuter Diaries: Riding And Walking On Wilshire Under The 405 Just Got A Little Safer
UCLA Be A Green Commuter!

CPUC Rules: An At-Grade Station Is Just Fine for Expo At Farmdale
StreetsBlog LA

Don't Tunnel Under Our Beverly Hills Homes: Homeowners Association
Beverly Hills Courier

The Future Comes Down To Where We Live v. Where We Work
("The costs of commuting to work in the U.S. have gone up 1000% in the past few decades...Cars eat up to 70% of family budgets in parts of California.")

Getting LA Off Oil
Huffington Post
How Can Los Angeles Get Off Oil?
Huffington Post

A Glimpse Of A Car-Friendly Urban Future, Courtesy Of -- No Surprise -- A Car Company
Scientific American

Gold Line Foothill Extension To Break Ground Saturday
Groundbreaking Ceremony Invitation (PDF : "Food, entertainment, and activities for the entire family")
I Will Ride

Graffiti Costing LA Millions
Los Angeles Daily News

Help CicLAvia Turn Los Angeles Streets Into A Temporary Park
Planned CicLAvia Route For September 12, 2010

Improvising And Improving LA's Transit (June 26 : Sustainability Stage of the West Coast's largest design event)
Dwell On Design

Ingenious Flipper Bridge Melds Left-Side Drivers With Right-Side Drivers
(Preventing crashes between drivers between Hong Kong and China)
Fast Company

L.A. Businesses Oppose Closing At-Rail Crossing
Glendale News Press

Open Data Standards For City Agencies
Urban Omnibus

Opinion: Time To Alter Map On High-Speed Rail?
Ventura County Star

Our View: Onboard With Transit Options
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Pasadena Freeway Getting A New Look And A Name: L.A.'s Oldest Freeway Will Be Renamed The Arroyo Seco Parkway As Caltrans Adds New Lighting, Improves The Center Divider And Adds Decorative Low Walls To The Shoulders
Los Angeles Times

Sustainability In Transportation: A New International Exhibit And Metro Library's Up-To-The-Minute Resources
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Test Will Give Buses The Green Light In Riverside
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Transportation For America Proposal Creates More Jobs Than Current Transportation Law, Economic Policy Institute Finds
Transportation For America

Two New Studies On Density And Driving
World Changing