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Red Line Turning 10, CA Digital License Plates, Sepulveda Pass Widening, Port Trucks, HSR To Vegas & More

AECOM Picked To Design Gold Line Basket Bridge
Curbed LA

BRT For Free In Bangkok
The City Fix

Calif. License Plates Might Go Digital, Show Ads
Associated Press

Current Practices In Greenhouse Gas Emissions Savings From Transit
(90p. PDF : LA Metro is one of 3 case studies)
U.S. Transit Cooperative Research Program

Fans Take The Trains In Droves To The Lakers' Parade
Los Angeles Daily News

Federal Bike-Ped Funding Sets New High, With Much More Room To Grow

The Gold Line Carries House Music To Downtown L.A.
Los Angeles Times

It's Electric: Two Promising Port Truck Innovation Projects
Environmental Defense Fund Way2Go Blog

LA Looking To Make Parking Meters Perform Better
Southern California Public Radio

Live Tube Map Shows The Power Of TfL's Data
Wired U.K.

Metro Board And BRU On Collision Course?
StreeetsBlog LA

Nimble Cities: Help Slate Make Transportation In And Between Cities More Efficient, Safe, And Pleasant

OCTA Features Mobile Applications, Developer Data Feeds
TransitRider OC

Parking Garages Are So Last Century

Red Line 10 Years Old But Still In Its Infancy
Los Angeles Daily News

State Law Will Have Bicyclists Fined For Texting While Riding

Subway -- $$$uper Costs, But Super Opportunities

Sustainable Street Resurfacing (New York City's Department of Transportation has been experimenting with "warm-mix asphalt" which emits fewer emissions because it only has to be heated to 200 degrees)
New York City DOT

Metro CEO Art Leahy Speaks To The Transit Coalition
StreetsBlog LA

Tragic Turn At The Hollywood And Vine T.O.D.
StreetsBlog LA

Transportation, Oil And A Powerful Gulf Video
Environmental Defense Fund Way2Go Blog

Vroom! Eleven More Miles Of Faster Cars Coming To The Valley
StreetsBlog LA

Walking And Cycling In America: Restoring "Forgotten" Modes Of Transport
The City Fix

We Need New Infrastructure, So How Do We Pay For It?

Why High Speed Rail To Vegas Will Eventually Happen
California High Speed Rail Blog

Widening Of Sepulveda Pass An "Amazing Ballet" With Cast Of 18,000
Los Angeles Daily News

You Spend More Money On Driving Than Groceries