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Westside Tunneling Plans, The Next Interstate System, Busway Architecture & More

After Spurning The State, Monrovia's Redevelopment Agency Faces The "Death Penalty"
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Bicycle Plans Continue: City Will Use A $150,000 Grant To Upgrade Bike Infrastructure
Glendale News Press

Construction Workers Launch Campaign To Pass Highway Repair Bill
The Hill

Does Busway Architecture Matter?
Human Transit

Feds Want Cell Phone Limits On Railroad Operators
Mass Transit

Ford Foundation To Send $200M To Local Transit-Oriented Development
StreetsBlog LA

L.A. The Least Gentrified Major City?
New Geography

Ports Seek 25 Percent Of TIGER II Grants
Journal Of Commerce

Riding A Bike In Los Angeles
Tucson Velo

Seeking The Next Interstate System, This Time Without Asphalt
StreetsBlog Network

Subway To The Sea Tunnel Meeting (video)
Fox Los Angeles

Transit Industry To Join State DOTs In Blasting Senate Climate Bill
StreetsBlog DC

Transportation: Following The Money
Rail Passenger Association Of California & Nevada

Transportation Moving Votes In Harman's L.A. Congressional Race
StreetsBlog DC

Update: [LADOT] Releases Sharrows Test Ride Dates And Times
Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition

U.S. FTA Head Rogoff Paints Grim Picture Of Nation's Transit Priorities
Transport Politic

Walking In L.A.: An Introduction
(First in a series. "Los Angeles is the future of transportation in America. And it's always been...Fully 12 percent of all trips in Los Angeles are by bicycle or on foot—that's more than Austin or Portland. In sheer numbers, L.A. has more bikers and walkers than Washington, D.C., or Chicago, or even San Francisco. And it happens to be far safer for biking and walking than all three, according to a 2010 Benchmarking Report by the Alliance for Biking and Walking.")

Westside Residents To Hear Metro Tunneling Plans
Los Angeles Daily News