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DIY Bike Signage, How We Commute, HSR, Train Etiquette & More

$100 Million Of Road Projects To Support "Evolution"
StreetsBlog LA

Amid Recession, Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank Consider Sharing Some City Services
(including a bus service linking the three cities)
Los Angeles Times

Anaheim "Outfoxed" By San Francisco On High-Speed Rail
Voice Of OC

The Authentic City (A look at branding, and how some cities actively abandon what makes them unique in favor of what works for other cities, which only hurts their marketing efforts)

Better Bikeways: Guerrilla Improvements And DIY Signage
(A Los Angeles dream of turning 4th Street into a bike-friendly thoroughfare)

Celebrations Throughout The County For Bike To Work Week
StreetsBlog LA

Council Approves Parking Rate Hike
Santa Monica Daily Press

Cyclists In La Crescenta Trying To Change Foothill Boulevard's Commuter-Centric Image
Los Angeles Times

Democratizing The Streets ("An unprecedented political consensus on rethinking roadways is belied by nasty clashes over how to pay for it.")
San Francisco Bay Guardian

From "The Voice Of Transportation," A Call For More Of The Same
Mobilizing The Region

How We Commute: Moving Into The "State Of Metropolitan America"
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Is Park-And-Ride A Bad Idea?
Reinventing Urban Transport

League Of Bicycling Voters LA Holds Inaugural Meeting
StreetsBlog LA

Mass Transit And A Public Works Pilgrimage To Hoover Dam ("Mass transit, Los Angeles and Hoover Dam - for me it's all about well conceived infrastructure and a vision of what is possible.")
Huffington Post

Moving To The Suburbs
(video : Part 2 - Richard Florida explains why long commutes used to make sense - and why they no longer do)

Norco, Corona Differ Over High-Speed Rail Proposal
Riverside Press-Enterprise

On Privatization Nostalgia
Human Transit

Only Californians Have Veto Power Over The HSR Project
California High Speed Rail Blog

The Potential For Private Investment In Transit
StreetsBlog Network

Preservationists: Don't Change West's 1st Freeway
Associated Press

SVA Student Creates ViolationReport.Org To Shame Straphangers Into Changing Poor Train Etiquette
New York Daily News
Violation Report Website

Under Dodger Stadium And More: Latest High-Speed Railway Routes Through L.A.
(includes several possible routing maps)
Curbed LA